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great teachers and staff. Great group of parents who volunteer countless hours to make a lot of our programs successful.
The only good teachers in the middle school/high school department is the math and history teacher.
I feel as if our school needs an armed policeman on campus again. We used to have one, but they got rid of him. I felt far safer at my school with the policeman there to keep watch. Yes, it is a lot of money each year, but I feel we can take money away from sports and invest it in a policeman.
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There need to be more focuses on different extracurricular activites other than sports. This school places far too much money and time into their sports programs. There needs to be more variety.
The school has some problems with fairness. (Mostly this year.) Overall, I think that the school board needs to be more approachable by students and needs to listen to the parents and students more.
The teachers are very approachable and they will help when you need help. I feel as if they are great at teaching. I see them more as friends than teachers.
Rooms are pretty clean, as are hallways. Bathrooms can get pretty gross and a few rooms have mold or something black and gross in the tiles.
They do offer plenty of sports/other activities for the small amount of students but it seems like they focus on too much at one time and nothing does very well.
There is not much freedom for students to express themselves. If they do give some, it doesn't make anything better because there is always limits. Another disappointing factor is the amount of students. I know that isn't something that can be controlled, but it is a major bummer. It does have a Christian enviornment though, which is great.
Very small school, which can be good but also bad. Food isn't that great.
We've had a lot of different teachers over the years. Some were absolutely amazing, and others were not. This year, the teachers are great. Most are smart, dedicated and kind. They are definitely interested in all of the students. Teaching styles differ greatly, but all students get a healthy dose of hands-on activities, great lectures and projects.
I've been going here for almost nine years, and have made so many great friends. Lots of the students have great goals for the future, and the safe environment really sets Immanuel apart from other schools. My experience here has definitely been great.
The campus is pretty small. The gymnasium doubles as a cafeteria, and even though high school has its own wing, all grades are in the same building. A separate high school building is a possible plan for the future. There is a small annex for Art and Music classes, and there is a separate building for preschool. Air conditioning/ heating is definitely not ideal. It seems like it's always either really hot or really cold in all of the buildings. The building itself is fairly new compared to most schools, and it's in good condition. The annex is basically an old portable building that has had many problems over the years. Technology is great. Apple products are used everywhere, and every high school student gets and iPad, and they're extremely useful. There currently is a college prep class. We don't really have tutors at our school, so students have to go to outside tutors. Parents are really involved, and are a huge part of keeping our school going. We have one bus and a church van, but private vehicles are usually used for transportation.
School administration is great, and the staff members are very involved and helpful. Policies are strict but are all for the safety of the students, and reflect the values of our school. Dress code rules aren't too popular with the students, as one would expect, but that's just part of going to a private school.
School rules and enforcement are strict, and there's always security on campus during school hours. Staff members believe that bullying should never be tolerated, and because this is a Christian school, everyone is very dedicated to eliminating and preventing it. Fortunately, bullying, violence and drugs really aren't a problem at our school, mostly because many of the students here are responsible, devoted Christians who understand that their actions have consequences. Teachers and fellow students are always concerned about the health and safety of others, and will not hesitate to get help during any type of medical issue or emergency.
For such a small school, it provides a variety of sports, clubs and opportunities for all students. Many students are members of NHS, for whom the school provides service opportunities. Patriot Club is great for students who are looking for a way to help the community and learn about responsibility. Our Chapel Band practices after school for Friday chapel service. Scrabble Club members get to have fun while building their vocabularies. Students are always sharing ideas, and if there's enough interest in starting a particular club, somebody will start one. Students who take elective classes such as Journalism, Choir or Band are always attending after-school events, because getting involved is part of using their talents.
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