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Our international students that have attended and currently attend this school have felt welcomed by the entire school community, been offered a quality education, and were given multiple opportunities to excel both in high school and their college years beyond. We highly recommend this school to future international and domestic parents and students.
The environment at Immaculate High School is amazing and extremely friendly. All the teachers and counselors are amazing and care for you. This really elevated my academic and high school experience.
I've been in Immaculate for four years now and i have to say its gotten worse every year. many of the administrators and guidance counselors have quit, gotten fired, or went crazy and disappeared. they replace these administrators with the quickest and cheapest people. The athletic director is terrible he got hired my junior year due to the old director getting fired. The only athletics Immaculate staff cares about are basketball and girls soccer. which are both coached by the same man who was an alum. It has turned into every other private school in the area.
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The school is small and it fosters a sense of community. Every teacher knows my name and makes themselves available as needed. They want you to succeed. It feels like “family”
Immaculate high is a very good school. The teachers and staff are very responsive to you questions and the counseling office is very helpful to the parents and students. I would highly recommend the school
I liked the one-on-one attention from teachers and the close knit family feeling within the school and athletics.
As a student, the education and activities, along with faculty guidance, has been incredible, which is extremely important in a school and helping me prepare for college, but Immaculate prides itself on its Christian values and most members of the community do not consistently share or use their Christian values. If you are going to spread the importance of values and how much it shows in the school, make sure this is actually happening, no false advertising. On another note I also believe that the guidance department needs some updating. Nothing is online or done quickly, they need some more funding, revising, and attention to help all class picking, schedule making, and college application processes run smoother. But as a student I can say that I have bonded with and learned more than curriculum lessons from most of my teachers.
Strong academics for the most part. Could offer more AP classes. However, as a private school, there is very little diversity there. Teachers are good for the most part and are always willing to help after school hours if you need extra help. The school is small, so not many clubs are offered, but a large part of the student body is involved in sports, drama, or other extracurriculars.
Immaculate High School is An amazing school. With many challenging acedemics and state champion winning sports teams there is an amazing, friendly, spirited environment all the time. I love my school and there is nothing I would change about it!
Choosing to attend Immaculate High School was the best descision of my life. I have made life long best friends, formed wonderful teacher relationships and always feel confident and comfortable in my school environment. Immaculate has many amazing clubs and sports activities to choose from. They have allowed me the opportunity to be an all state cross country and outdoor track runner two years in a row by offering an exceptional and supportive coaching staff! I love my school and wouldn't trade the expierences I have had there or the memories I have made there for anything!
Immaculate high school was a great fit, the acedemics were pretty good... immaculate high school has some great teachers!
Even though my daughter was very avant garde, rebellious and undisciplined she made it through to graduation with the help and understanding of some very patient teachers! She now holds an Associate in Liberal Arts and a Bachelor of Science in Audio Production Engineering. As a certified Audio Production Engineer she is actively pursuing a career in the music industry. She admits that without the schooling she received at Immaculate she never would have made it through college. I guess she had an Ah Ha! moment somewhere along the way!
My experience at Immaculate High School was a challenge but prepared me for college. I was one of the very few black students at my school. My school was not diverse at all. I played basketball and football, a very good school for sports. I recently won a basketball championship my senior year. This school is making changes every year, with new tech, and new ways for learning. I had a pretty good experience at IHS.
My daughter had an excellent experience at Immaculate High School. She attended and was well-prepared to attend Fairfield University.
Immaculate High School has been a wonderful experience, it was the best decision I could have made. I went to public school until my sophomore year then I transferred and I have made so many friends and I feel like I'm ready to take on college and anything life brings. The staff is very accommodating, for the most part, and does everything they can to help you achieve your goal.
Immaculate has been a great experience for me, as I now feel I'm prepared to go off to college and succeed.
In my experience, Immaculate provided a Catholic education - not just a private school education. High academic standards paired with a pastoral air of family and belonging in a welcoming community is a great way to prepare for what awaits in life.
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Immaculate High School is an excellent high school. I am a graduate and have sent my children there as well. A dedicated staff, as well as sports, clubs and student colunterring, provide a great readiness for college.
I had a great experience at Immaculate High School. The combination of the rigorous curriculum and helpful teachers was extremely beneficial to preparing me for college, and I would recommend this school to anyone. Well worth the investment.
We have a son who is in his junior year at IHS. Both his and our experience with the school, the teachers, other students and the administrators has been great. We feel like part of a larger family that is very supportive and seeks to have the interests of students come first. Our son participated in "Mustang for a Day" and he came home and said, this is where I want to go to high school. He has been involved in various sports (though not a sports kids) and other activities, such as stage crew for plays/musicals. For us as parents, we feel that our son has really benefited from his time at IHS, both academically and socially.
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