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The size of this school is viewed as too small to function but it really does promote the family feeling. Teachers are involved in their students needs and the students get all the attention that is needed. I would love to see more kids come here and also an even stronger relationship between the students and faculty.
Immaculate Heart School is a fine institution that teaches children as well as adolescents how to understand the world around us while also highlighting the religion that we believe in. This school provides the tools we need to go on into adulthood. Whether you have been part of the school since preschool or have just been transferred into it, everyone is treated the same and welcomed as part of the community. If and when I have children, I would greatly consider sending them to a school like the one I have describe. I would rest assured that they would be welcomed into the community and would be provided with a good, quality education.
Some of them need a lot of help.
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This is a school where faith matters. However, we need more activities and social things to bond students together. Teachers need to be consistent with what and how they teach, and discipline.
Immaculate Heart felt almost like a family. It was small so you knew everybody that you went to school with and really had the opportunity to get to know your teachers and connect to what is being taught. Personally, I loved this, but in some instances how tight knit and small the school was could work against some of the students that were at the school. The only disadvantage that I saw was how biased it was towards the Catholic religion. I believe its important for a student to be able to have an open mind to learning all things, not just things that fall into the bible, since it is a catholic school I do understand this. As a whole I absolutely loved my time at Immaculate Heart and wouldn't go anywhere else.
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