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Immaculate Heart Middle School & High School Reviews

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The thing I enjoyed the most about my high school was the sense of sisterhood. Spending four years at the all girls high school helped me learn to bond with other girls over our similarities, rather than argue about our differences.
I have been at IH since 6th grade and it is overall a great school. The classes are challenging but not horrible. There are many cliques but besides that the school is great. Really great cafeteria food!
Very good all around middle and high school for my daughter who has been there since 6th grade and will soon graduate.
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I think that academically, Immaculate Heart is an amazing school. Your teachers really push you harder and expect a lot from you. My issue with the school were a few of their philosophies and some the students that attend.
Wonderful school, great teachers and staff, wonderful environment my daughter is having so much fun at school just seeing and hearing all her stories about school makes me so proud
Thank you IHM you truly are IHMROCKS thumbs up👍
I have just started my 7th year at Immaculate Heart and loved my time here. Like every school, it isn't absolutely perfect but it has become my second home. Our diverse student body genuinely cares and looks out for one another. While we do lack some courses that many other high schools do offer, the courses we do have are taught by distinguished faculty members that prepare their students extremely well for college. The campus is beautiful, although it does sit on the border between Los Feliz and North Hollywood and isn't necessarily closed off from the city like other schools. The administration does have its faults but has been working in recent years to meet the needs of the student body. We have several clubs and special time slots in our schedule for class and school-wide activities. We have a great Speech and Debate team and good sports teams. The best thing about Immaculate Heart is the fact that you are never alone and always have 500 sisters by your side.
It was a fantastic school that really prepares students for college-- especially the English program. Sometimes the administration cares a little too much about dress code, but that might've changed since I left. Overall, great school that I was lucky to attend!
I LOVED GOING TO IMMAC. Most of the students and teachers are liberal and open minded. We can have discussions and debates without things getting too chaotic because they were willing to listen. Religion classes even taught me a lot about appreciating the woman I am today. Junior and Senior year I took classes about appreciating womanhood and getting past the struggles we face to build a better future. Immaculate Heart has strong values while also being well rounded in academics and extracurricular activities. Classes are interesting and the majority of the students were top of their class in middle school so there is competition. Everyone gets involved one way or another so they have a good resume and skills for college. #pandaforlife
Immaculate Heart is great for opinions. We have lots of LBGTQ+ students. We have our first transgender ASB president. We are super accepting.
I enjoyed the community atmosphere that the school provided. It was easy to get involved and find groups of people who had the same interests as you. this was in part due to the small nature of the campus but also from the proactive nature of the administration.
Immaculate Heart Middle School has a great campus and community. I made a lot of great friends there and I learned a lot. It was pretty cool to find out Meghan Markle went to the school.
As a Catholic College-Prep school, I have truly enjoyed my years at Immaculate Heart. They offer a wide range of extracurricular activities and the academic program itself was very rewarding. The teachers have always been approachable and supportive of helping students accomplish their goals. The school itself has a long and rich history of female alumni and to be able to celebrate and push women at such a young age, allowed me to open my mind more after graduating.
Immaculate Heart is an incredibly strong school for humanities and arts. I had amazing history and English teachers who pushed us to write and analyze texts at a college level. All of the faculty and staff care deeply for the students.
I had a pretty good experience. Made lots of friends, enjoyed my classes, and school activities were a whole lot of fun. I loved Spirit Week and Welcome Day. The school is so welcoming towards freshmen and transfer students that you'll feel right at home.
I felt very welcomed at this diverse high school and middle school. All of the teachers want the very best for you and want you to succeed. Even during middle school, I felt that Immaculate Heart did an excellent job in helping the students with our academics yet encouraging us to take part in extracurricular activities.
I have loved my time at IH so far. The diversity is fantastic. The academics are rigorous. The school is accepting of people of all backgrounds despite being a 100-year-old Catholic school.

The new admin is struggling, but that is to be expected. There is a definite unfair bias towards certain groups on campus (usually based on monetary motivations...) but that's just life.

Most of the teachers are great! Some of their teaching methods are questionable, but they all seem to know what they're doing. I have formed wonderful bonds with my teachers. They are incredibly kind people who truly care about their students' success and well being.

The only thing that straight up sucks is the food. It's disgusting and RIDICULOUSLY expensive for the quality it is.
I attended both the middle school and one year of the high school and I do believe if you go to this school you will be more than prepared for college. Colleges all over California really do love this school for choosing applicants because students here are made to be well rounded students.
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Immaculate Heart High School is a great school for young girls to grow on their relationships with others and gain knowledge through the active education provided. The sports and clubs they offer are open to all interested. It is a very accepting school and helps their students gain confidence in themselves.
I love it here. The community is very supportive and accepting. The teacher's have your best interest in mind.
My experience at Immaculate Heart was a life changing experience. Not only did I learn academics there, I also learned much about important social and political issues, the importance of retaining my own values and standing up for them. This school's education helped me grow into a woman of good heart and right conscience. I've gained my voice and the necessity to spread the quality education I had the opportunity to gain to the world I engage in. This school deserves 5 stars most definitively.
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