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Immaculate Heart Central Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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Immaculate Heart Central School is a place where I feel comfortable expressing my faith and discussing it with other students. It is a privilege to have the ability to attend this school because there aren't very many other schools that allow their students to freely and openly express their faith. One thing I would like to see change about this school is better communication, not only between students and faculty but between faculty and the principal and vice principal.
Great school. Teachers are nice. The school is small, so not a lot of students. School is clean and they seem to care about you.
I had an excellent experience at Immaculate Heart. Though the academics were challenging at times, I find that they prepared me for my current college courses. The teachers were excellent and I enjoyed participating in the extracurricular activities that were offered.
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Immaculate Heart Central is a old school that has been around for a very long time. My parents went to this school and they thought that I should carry on the tradition and attend a school where I can express my faith. The atmosphere is very family like with a school with less then 200 kids you definitely get very close with all the students. The teachers especially because they are more prone to have a connection with you and it makes you feel like the teachers actually care about you succeeding. This school seemed very dedicated to the success of their students and it has prepared me to take on college.
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