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My experience with IHA has been a great one. I have met so many amazing faculty members and students that have inspired me to work hard. I also believe that IHA pushes students to test the limits of their knowledge and grow as people through the Catholic faith. Also, student life is amazing. I have met so many awesome people and joined multiple clubs that are geared toward my academic interests. The food is delicious. If I could change one thing about IHA, it would be the teachers. Personally, I have great relationships with most of my teachers. However, I have noticed that students taking CP classes struggle due to the quality of teaching, so I would change that. But overall, I am honored to be a member of the IHA community.
Being a student at Immaculate Heart Academy has made me a more engaged, and active student, along with being a part of a strong sisterhood. Our teachers and classes push each student to strive for success in every endeavor, and the nature of this high school fosters a deep care for service and the Catholic faith. Over the last three years, I have become more confident in my academic abilities and in my own thoughts and opinions. I feel blessed to be in an environment where I can be surrounded by girls from so many backgrounds and with so viewpoints. It has truly made me more worldly and understanding, and I know I am ready to continue growing education and faith in college because of Immaculate Heart Academy.
IHA has a really strong academic program that left me fully prepared and ready for college. I was able to easily adapt to the college curriculum, which a lot of students had trouble with. My only complaints with IHA is the diversity. As a student there I was one of four people of color in my graduating class. It was tough for me to connect with the other students and I usually felt like the odd one out.
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I don’t think there are words to describe how much IHA has prepared me for the real world. I’ve made friends that will last me a lifetime and am more prepared than ever for college. The only thing I would change is the work load given, although they say it is a great way to prepare us for college I feel that sometimes it is too overwhelming.
I am currently a high school senior at IHA. I believe that I will be prepared for what comes ahead in college because of the excellent academics. The sports and clubs at IHA create great comradery among the students. Although there is not much diversity, all of the girls create a sisterhood that lasts forever.
Very challenging and stressful, but everyone that has graduated says it will prepare you for college. Definitely have to be good at time management and dealing with no sleep.
IHA offers the ideal high school educational and social environment. The teachers and administrators work continuously updating academic curriculum, athletic programs, and of course, the facilities are second to none!
I loved every day I went to school at IHA. I have since graduated with a BS and Masters degree in special education. I was completely prepared academically socially and morally for the rigor and challenges of college and the work place. IHA taught me organization and accountability in an environment allowing me to reach my potential academically morally and socially. I had a wonderful high school experience at IHA I can't imagine a better place for a young woman to be educated.
The teachers I had at IHA taught me so many incredible things about the world, life, and most importantly myself. Had it not been for the teachers I had at this school, I would be so lost in the world. I am forever thankful for them.
This place is miserable on multiple levels. There is nothing fun for the students and I feel like by going here I missed out on the chance to have a real high school experience. It was like being in just have to keep your head down and do your time. If it was at least good academically and helped with college admissions, it could have been worth it but nope. There was absolutely help offered with the application process. When I did get to college I felt like it took me a little while to catch up to the kids who had a good public school or real college prep school education, especially in science classes. What a waste of 4 years of my life. Don't make the same mistake I did. Don't go here!
This school is outstanding. Although it has it's students working extremely hard with a very big workload, it leaves students well prepared for college and teaches them how to succeed in life. I highly recommend this school.
Really prepares you for college. It is challenging but the school really implements great values towards each individual as she grows.
Immaculate Heart Academy is a nurturing environment, focusing on empowering young women to be future leaders. They teach us to be confident and to strive for our best. The lessons I have learned at IHA will carry with me for a lifetime and the alumni network I am sure will benefit me in my future careers.
Attending Immaculate Heart Academy for high school was one of the best experiences of my life. I have made friendships at IHA that I know will last a lifetime. I felt so prepared for college when I enrolled because of IHA's challenging academics and focus on college preparation.
Good community that builds character and confidence while pushing for academic excellence. I am very happy that I went to this school
My daughter attend Immaculate Heart Academy and she loves it. The teachers are great and she loves all the girls that she goes to school with.
A wide selection of extracurricular activities are offered at IHA, accommodating the interests of nearly every type of student. The clubs are nearly all student run, with each club having an executive board made up of students from all grade levels and a teacher advisor overseeing the progress of the club. My only complaint regarding clubs at IHA is attendance--many people sign up for clubs to build up their resumes but never show up to any meetings. I assume this happens at nearly every school, however.
Although the stress of tests and assignments occasionally gets to even the best of us, being a part of the supportive and inspiring community that is IHA is something I have never regretted. The school surrounds students with a great system of encouragement and helps young women discover the strength that exists inside of them and the one that exists in valuable female friendships.
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Almost every teacher at IHA is willing to extend him or her self as a resource to their students--offering help outside of school with both the academically related areas of the high school experience as well as the social ones. The faculty at this school truly cares for the individual success of each student as well as the school's as a whole. The teachers and administration are always congratulating both their own students and other teachers' ones on their accomplishments inside and outside of the classroom. They challenge their students to be their best selves and to help others.
Although missing a math club, there are many clubs for students to get involved in.
The teachers at Immaculate Heart Academy genuinely want to see their students succeed.
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