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Immaculate Conception High School Reviews

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I would like to see alot of things change,I did not want to attend this school even before I stepped foot near it,I would like to forget i ever attended here
As a whole my experience at Immaculate Conception High School has been a very interesting one. I’ve gone to almost every type of school setting, but this one has been the most family oriented out of them all. The teachers focus not only on getting their lesson plan across, but ensuring that the students are engaged in the lesson plan. They do so by learning what the students have interests in, and attempting to weave it into the lesson. It’s helped me to keep my focus during relatively uninteresting subjects, and it’s also taught me that learning doesn’t have to be drawn out and boring.
At Immaculate the teachers really show an interest in their students. You can tell each and every member of the staff really cares for us. At Immaculate you always feel welcome and at home. The school is very small so you always have a friend close by.
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Immaculate Conception High School is a wonderful environment to e in. The teachers are wonderful individuals who take their time to make sure that each student learns and work to their ability. At Immaculate you learn how to interact with your peers and how to balance school and fun. There are a range of different clubs and activities to join. Some include Track, Woman's Empowerment, Cheerleading, Adopt a village, Robotics club, and many more. Overall, Immaculate is a school that helps each student to become well rounded and excel in each subject and sport they are apart of.
Immaculate is a very small, family-based school. The teachers are kind and friendly. Stepping into the school as a freshmen is probably the most different experience's ever. I am now entering my senior year... My maturity level risen tremendously. Immaculate has molded me into a great person with the help of Mr.Dyer.. Ms.Badillo.. and Mrs.Neves.
For the four years that I have attended Immaculate Conception High School, It has been the best years of my life. The school has taught me so many valuable lessons and it all]ways encourages respect for self, others , and the environment. The school is academically advanced compared to the schools I have come in contact with.
The teachers sometimes get upset when the student don't the lessons.
This school is a very good school because of how close everyone really is, a true family.
All the teachers were very knowledgeable . There teaching styles were sometimes very different, but they all made sure every student understood the materials
The school is over 80years old and the resources were improving while is was atrending
We had a school nurse

The vice principal instilled the discipline he often appear out of no ware
The administration and office staff were very supportive. it was a home away from home. There is a zero tolerance bulling policies. our guidance counselor very involved in our college search and acceptance
I was more prepared for college than I thought I would be
The school is best known for the football team and 100% of students going on to college
This school is pretty strict on rules and the well-being of its students.
I would choose this school again because it has led me to discover several different things about myself. This school is a tough school on the students they know really want to have a strong career.
There was very limited options in the lunch room. At times lunch will be late and the students would have to pay the coast being that there was on 25min. to eat lunch. There was several inconsistence's within the lunch period such as low stock in juices, food trays, etc.
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Students were not allowed to eat or drink in class during the year 2012. Staff members would remove student from class for snacks.
Students and staff are involved in the activities for students.
The Teachers at Immaculate Conception have a strong work ethic. They try and continue to involve the students in their curriculum. They tend to stay extra hours if need be.
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