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Immaculate Conception High School Reviews

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We are like a close knit family. Love that it is an all girls school. Principal and teachers really show they care. Sports are excellent especially softball. Love our mascot Blue Wolves! The school plays are always great.
I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at ICHS. It has been preparing me for college since my freshman year. I will always be grateful for my time spent here
I’ve made many friends over the years and have had exceptional teachers guide me to success. Everyone is very welcoming and the learning environment is small and rigorous.
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Not very focused on preparing girls for college, but a supportive environment nonetheless. Some teachers are amazing, others don't have a degree in the field they're teaching. However, there is definitely strong racial and economic diversity among the student body that promotes tolerance. It's a more realistic world experience as opposed to primarily white private schools that only cater to the wealthy.
One of the most important things that I like about Immaculate Conception High School is how involved everyone is. It is truly a sisterhood and everyone looks out for one another. The only thing that I wish to change is the involvement of the diverse students at the school. Overall I believe that the school is a true home of mine.
I like that it is a small close-knit school. The teachers really care about the students and what they need to prepare for college. However, I do not like that there are not a lot of school activities where students can come together.
Immaculate Conception was more than just a high school—it was my second home. As a student, I was able to challenge myself to work harder and more efficiently on my studies while taking on more personal extra curricular activities, both of which required great teamwork and dedication. The intense workload that resulted not only prepared me for the difficult workload I would soon be experiencing in college, but also taught me that it is perfectly acceptable to ask for help when you are struggling. Additionally, the friendships and bonds that I formed at Immaculate Conception turned into sisterhoods, and the values that were at the heart of everything the school taught will remain with me for a lifetime. I have been so fortunate to be part of such a loving and supportive community of peers, faculty, and staff that not only academically prepared me for my future, but prepared me for life as a young adult and beyond as well.
Immaculate Conception High School has been very influential in inspiring me to achieve my goals. No matter how big or small my goals were, they always made sure that I would succeed. The staff formed great relationships with their students, and guided us down the right paths. Without my high school, I would not be as successful as I am today!
It is a very good school, I wish that I could spend more years there, they give nothing but the best for there students and I am hoping that my senior year is amazing because when I leave I want to leave my mark. I hope that every eighth grader looking for a high school that is a girl goes there because it it will be a once and a life time experience for not only themselves but for you're life.
It is a small school with a friendly, happy, welcoming atmosphere. The staff members care about their students both academically and in their lives outside of school. The school provides an excellent atmosphere for growth.
Immaculate Conception has prepared me and my fellow classmates to be a successful young women in college and life after. Not only does ICHS have rigorous academics, but it has a family atmosphere that allows each student to feel comfortable and get the best high school experience possible. If I could redo these last three and a half years, I absolutely would.
The environment here in Immaculate Conception High School is very upbeat and positive. Coupled with, everyone puts in beyond effort into their academic work. Not to mention, teachers and staff are always willing to assist you with any needs. As a matter of fact the level of respect to one another is outstanding. Equally important, everyone is tolerant to everyone's religion and interests. Moreover, you always feel welcome to any club and/or sports. In addition, professors focus on preparing you for college and life in general. I have one year in this school and I feel as I have absorbed and gained so much more knowledge and life skills. I am so blessed to be attending such a quality school. Generally speaking, I am proud to call myself a student of Immaculate Conception High School.
Unless you do sports, or theatre there is not much here extracurricular wise
It's small, a tight knit
Everyone knows everyone, their kind, friendly, but the teachers and principals like to act like the academics are taken super seriously when the students have compared it to "daycare."
We had a splendid school nurse who was like a mother at times as she often had a great relationship with most of the students. There were many safety rules especially relating to swimming, for example, no one was allowed in the pool unless a coach was present. There are cameras all around cameras as well as patrolling security members who always ensured we remained in a safe environment. It was also apart of our school curriculum to learn about basic first aid procedures as well as the use of the first aid kit.

Bullying was strictly prohibited and we even had an anti-bullying campaign that spread helped to spread awareness.
At Immaculate, there is a wide variety of activities. Students are always very committed to any activity they took part in and so we even dominated most competitions against other schools, for example: swimming and tennis.

We had sports such as football, we had home economics clubs such as baking, we also had drama club and an amazing orchestra that performed at many ceremonies and even for the Prime Minister.

Our activities are always highly supported by administration and they are always ready to help out when needed.
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One of the things I love about the school and also what makes it unique is the high standard it has set for young girls molding us into exceptional young ladies.
Overall, teachers are hardworking, motivators and possess a great deal of interest in their students.
We have an amazing basketball and softball team
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