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I've been attending since freshman year and am now a senior. There is an undeniable feeling of community and solidarity among students, and due to the smaller classes, students are given more one on one time with teachers. We do tend to have some trouble communicating relevant information regarding school events efficiently, but this is a very small problem that is in the process of being fixed.
This is a great school with a good Christian educational system. Teaches about the value of service and giving back to the community. Sisterhood is a prevalent part of the high highschool. Also has great academics.
The school was great with amazing faculty and staff but since we had a change in the principal position in 2016, our quality has gone down. A lot of wonderful teachers left due to personal reasons at the SAME TIME. There is tension between the head principal with several teachers which resulted in their resignation. The benefit of going to school here is that we always have small size of a classroom so students get to interact with teachers more.
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I have attended ICCS since elementary school. It is a small, faith based Catholic, and richly diverse environment. I love it! The teachers are always willing to go the extra mile for their students and I believe it is the best education I could have ever asked for. Best Catholic school in Memphis!
Immaculate Conception Cathedral High School is one of the best institutions for developing adolescent girls physically and mentally. Sisterhood is promoted throughout the school, and students and faculty create great bonds.
The clubs are super involved, super fun, and always look good on our resumes.
We may not have the most money in the dioceses we definitely have the most will, drive, fun, and support in the world.
The teachers are extremely involved and are devoted and dedicated to helping students when they are asked. They strongly encourage us and all always tell us that we can do whatever we put our minds to and to never say never.
I love my high school and nothing can change it.
Teachers go above and beyond to help students.
No nurse or health care on campus, so the health part didn't exist. However, the safety part is fully equipped. No bullying, no drugs (at high rates at least), and a decent security system.
If there is one thing I can for sure day about IC, it is that their clubs and sports are nice. It's available to everyone and is great for students who want a little fun on the side of academics. A lot of networking tools are available as well.
The school is a hot mess in the facf that the buildings are in poor condition, and the fact that the school lacks leadership. I'd choose to attend primarily because of the tuition price, but that price has risen. So, other than that, thee only reason I'd go back is the quality of education and the benefits of having the school name on my college applications.
This is primarily dependent on which teacher we are speaking of. Generally, the teachers are great, but separately, some teachers are a mess. Some know what they're talking about, others are kind of all over the place. As for grading, many teachers were unfair.
Bad things rarely happen at this school. Students generally steer away from people they don't get along with. There is some tolerance for each other. The maturity level at IC are really high for a bunch of teenage girls.
Clubs are the best because IC is a small school. So the students are not required to participate in one but it is highly recommended. The students are not pressured into joining a club out of requirement. So the students only join clubs that they will enjoy. This means that club meetings are always fun and productive. Also if IC does not have a club, then students can always talk with a teacher and create their own club.
My years at IC was amazing. Freshman year we laugh and sing almost every week. Sophomore year we bonded as a class. Junior year everybody almost shared one mind. As individuals, we all matured between sophomore and junior year. We were all ready to go on to college. Senior year was filled with tears and promises of keeping in touch. Spirit Week may be hectic but the end results and memories made it worth it in the end.
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The teachers are great! They really do their best to guide students on the right path when they starts to stray. As long as the student are determined to learn and to improve, the teachers are willing to help.
I felt prepared in most post-graduation experiences.
The clubs and organizations were overall fun to be involved in and had fun activities. It also resulted in life-long friendships.
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