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Most of the staff is helpful and go out of their way to check in with you and do what they can to help you, but some teachers are very obviously just there for the paycheck. Those certain teachers put no effort into teaching, and do not take into account that all students learn differently and at different paces.

The new Principal does seem to be putting in effort into changing the school and is listening to the students. For example, the food program is TERRIBLE. There has been complaints on it every single year I've been at ICA and one of the first things that happened this year was a representative from where we get our breakfast and lunch was called in and students had an opportunity to discuss different alternatives of lunch menus, and packaging options.
ICA Cristo Rey is an amazing school if you put the work and effort to succeed. ICA gives you the opportunity and access to honor classes in freshmen year, job experience in the field you like or is interested in, and college opportunities in freshmen and sophomore year. 100% of the students get accepted to a 2 year or 4 year college. Since it is a all girls high school the school focuses on female empowerment and success by having programs like; Girl’s Rising, STEM Coding, and the CNA program. This is a great school for you if you are open-minded and motivated.
I like ICA because it gives young girls that are underprivileged a chance to succeed in school and to succeed in their education. It is a challenging school, and the teachers do expect you to know your stuff and to be able to maintain a good grade in their class, but some teachers actually care about what they do and are mostly always there to help a student that needs extra 1:1 attention.
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The work study program is great. Many of the teachers are very kind and willing to help the students whenever we need it.
The school is way behind tech wise. It is either one teacher uses technology for everything or they absolutely do not. The lunch is way too little portions and honesty look like prison food. The sports are ok but could use some improvement. The administration is very up and down with supporting the students and often make them feel they have no right to speak out or have an option contrary to theirs. Some of the administrative rules are often enforced more harshly than others and they purposely leave them very vague to interpret them the way they want to. A lot of the administrations mentality of what a proper girl should be are really outdated and a bit misogynistic.
It is very easy to gain a close relationship with staff because we have such a small school. The girls at school are very interactive whether it is through sports or clubs. ICA has such a small but diverse community, it really represents our pillar of community.
Not many AP classes offered. Very diverse student body. Great community. Barely any clubs or activities.
I loved various things about Immaculate Conception Academy. One of those things was the Work Study Program. Every student that attends that school is required to work one day a week. It gives student s the opportunity to gain professional experience for their suture jobs. Another thing that I love about ICA is that its an all girl school. Its a small school so you know most people. There are no boys as distractions and the community is much more connected.
I absolutely love ICA. The community is small, welcoming, and overall really suportive. ICA prepares its students for both college and the work force with its CWSP program and incredible teachers.
Being a student at Immaculate Conception Academy was an awesome experience. If you're looking for a school to guide you in order for you to attend college, this is the school for you. The teachers are always free to assist their students whenever they are struggling. The school spirit and sisterhood from the girls are immediately felt when you enter the school. You truly create bonds with the girls at the school. The only negative thing that I faced while attending, was their school wasn't the most appetizing food you could eat.
Though my time at Immaculate Conception Academy has been short, I cannot express how great of an experience it has been. The teachers are very approachable, and the overall atmosphere is quite welcoming. The school does live up to the sisterhood family it claims to have, and I could not be happier. The only changes I can think of is perhaps improving the communication between the different grade levels and eventually expanding the campus as more young girls attend this amazing corporate working school. I truly have loved my experience so far, and I have high hopes for the future.
Immaculate Conception Academy is a wonderful high school that will prepare you child for success. ICA has a system that really helps students with going to a great college/university. ICA not only teachers molding them into good students, they also teach them professional skills with the working program they offer. CWSP or corporate work study program allows students to go work at an office one day a week gaining skills and helping them know what they want in the future . ICA is an all girls school preparing each one in a very good way for the future.
The best parts of ICA is how students have the opportunity to work and its community. The school has a curriculum called Corporate Work Study Program (CWSP). This is a mandatory program all students have to participate in for all four year- it is a requirement to graduate. Not only does it assist in paying tuition, but it gives students experience in the corporate world and helps set up connections. The community in ICA also plays a big part. Each individual is unique, yet, once you put everyone together, they make experiences incredible and amazing. It is a small school, but it holds a strong sisterhood with a big heart.
Overall, Immaculate Conception Academy is a great Catholic private high school with teachers and faculty who care about the students' academic performance and well-being. The school provides a stressful, yet fun and diverse environment. It is a place where ideas are created and promoted. Students have a voice in student government and in class.
This school has given me the chance to go out into the real world and get a chance to work. This hasn't only helped me to learn what it feels like to work but have a chance and see if this is something I would see myself doing when I get older. The teachers here all push us to our limits because they all want us to succeed in life. We have college checklists every semester that will help reduce the stress during senior year so we've already started working on scholarships, where we would like to apply, etc. ICA has a great environment and I would really recommend it to anyone who is ready to enter high school.
ICA is great school which gives girls an opportunity to develop more academically and religiously. Their honors Algebra II and honors history courses for freshmen are challenging but very rewarding.
It is a good school, but they can be stricted. They expect everyone to be perfect or else you will get kicked out so they say. They do prepare us for college and they prepare us for life which is amazing.
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Immaculate Conception Academy is a very small school, but the teachers care very much for their students. Since the student body is very small it feels very much like a family. One change I that is good for the students is having the option to pick certain classes, and having more electives.
So far I feel welcolmed at ICA. There is one class that I am struggling in. The ica community is small which provides and excellent opportunity to get close with one another. I absolutely love the CWSP (Corperate work study program).
I like the school it a good school I really recommend it if you want to go to a college and ICA a good school because you can work and have that experience of work in companies or law form and anything I really like the school.(All girl school)
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