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Immaculata-La Salle High School Reviews

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Great family environment, you can get help with anything you need. Great teachers and clubs. I’m in my second year and I love the school. I was worried about going to a catholic school, but faith is not pushed upon us too much, and I really enjoy the religion based classes. It’s a beautiful campus and the view is great. The food is the best part, amazing breakfast and lunch and great staff.
I have been a student at Immaculata La Salle for 4 years, and each year just gets better and better. The family environment that this school offers is something unmatched by any other school.
I loved the student family bond. We all treated each other with respect and love. The teachers are great as well and aim high for their students. The food is amazing too.
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Amazing high school experience, the staff is always there to assist me in any needs while also providing a great experience. The school environment is perfect and only allows for the best students to participate. Their lunch is fantastic and I get to eat something different every day with even the chance to eat steak and cake when one of the school sports teams win a game. The education I have received over these four years was nothing short of spectacular and allows me to apply it in real-life situations. Overall an amazing experience!
It is a great school. There are plenty of advanced courses, electives and extracurricular activities. The school provides a very strong formation based in the Catholic ideals and encouraging the students to treats others with respect.
I loved La Salle, I would not have gone anywhere else for my high school experience if I was given the chance to switch. I made a family while I was at La Salle.
Immaculata La Salle is an amazing public-catholic high school in Miami, Fl. Situated on the water and having an open, outdoor campus provides students with a beautiful school atmosphere. Academics, sports, and various clubs are all offered here. My favorite aspect is the sense of family and community provided at the school through various activities. I would like to see some change in areas such as updating the old buildings. Overall, it has provided me with a great high school experience.
At immaculata la Salle the people are very welcoming. We use technology for all work. The involvement with sports is very important to us. Our food service Sage is excellent, we have a new menu everyday.
This is a school rich with history and a proud Hispanic heritage. I personally love it here but it truly is a matter of what you put in is what you get out. Listening to older students is the most vital thing to do as some teachers are great and others are challenging to get the most out of so don't be afraid to ask for help. Participate in club or sports events, trust me it's worth it.
I loved the environment but the academics and teachers need some improvement. Students aren’t allowed to take the classes they want because they need to met certain test requirements. They base your ability to move up on your test scores rather than how to do in your previous classes. I feel as though if you have gotten straight A’s in an honors class that you should be able to move up to AP classes. You might not be a good test taker so that should not limit you from taking the classes you want. Students should also be challenged so if they’re doing well in honors they should be able to move up to AP.
Very innovative school especially when it comes to technology. Most teachers were great and cared about the success of their students. Highly recommend!
At Immaculata-Lasalle High School I enjoyed the variety of cultures present on campus. The teachers are always willing to help the students, but the school administration could use improvement. The campus is well kept, and there is a variety of different resources available to students and parents alike.
I love everything about La Salle. The security, teachers, sports, classmates. I love the food in the cafeteria, the view, the classrooms, modern desks, everything!
I went to La Salle and it was a great experience. Teachers are awesome. It feels like a second home.
Throughout my high school years at La Salle I have been able to grow as a person not only intelectually but also spiritually thanks to the undivided attention of our teachers towards their students.
I been studying on this High school for the 2 year and I have to say that this is the best school that I meet. Most of the professor are unique, the fellow student that you meet are wonderful and the school is always offering the best of the best to everybody. I love it.
Great atmosphere at ILS to be able to learn and express yourself. Would like to see more effort to prepare students for college.
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I am a senior graduation with the class of 2019 and i would like to say that it was a great experience, the majority of the teachers are outstanding individuals, and every teacher that has taught me has been wonderful to me and the class. I specially like La Salle’s open space and all the green that sorounds the school, as well as the nice breeze that always comes from the bay. The facilities are in excellent condition and right now there are plans for new buildings and further improvements. Sports facilities are also very well kept and are great. Also the food is amazing and there is always a great variety of options, healthy or unhlethy, whatever you choose! In addition, the school is very service oriented, there are always new service opportunities, fundraisers and other activities, as well as many different clubs and sports. La Salle is a very welcoming place, and it has been since my very first day.
Awesome school, met a lot of cool people here, faculty is great, and campus is beautiful. This school has some really good programs especially its medical and other STEAM programs. There are countless opportunities to get involved in the school and you really feel like La Salle is your home.
I love La Salle because of everything it has to offer. Not only is it a diverse school but it’s a welcoming family. Everyone is great there from administration, teachers, and fellow students.
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