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Immaculata-La Salle High School Reviews

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As I spent my four years at Immaculata-La Salle High school, I learned to accept others regardless of race, religion, or ethnicity. I enjoyed the celebrations we had and enjoyed spending time with my friends, and teachers.
Being at this High School really allowed me to grow into the person I am today. The faculty and teachers always cared and were willing to really go the extra mile to help myself and my classmates. Not to mention the plethora of clubs that allowed us all to express ourselves and explore different hobbies.
La Salle was an amazing school. In fact it was the only school I applied to. The students and teachers are very welcoming and do not exclude you from anything. Everyone is friends with each other and its very easy to make friends. The actual academic part is easy, but they do challenge you at times to help you grow. They do have a lot of activities for students in which helps you be more involved with the school.
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Immaculata La-Salle High School is a very welcoming school. It’s students and faculties are all friendly, the food served is always great, and the ocean view is so relaxing !! :)
Immaculate La-Salle is the school for those who want to make a real changeover the world. With a large variety of different clubs and organizations, everyone is free to explore their options and take action on what they aspire to do. Teachers and students grow a relationship that is some how extremely meaningful and life-changing, but also professional. The only complaint that I could possibly make is that the guidance counselors do not express enough how important these years are to the future of the students.
Great experience in education and sociallly as well. This school has great teachers that have been very dependable and they will guide you along the way to success. Also the students are very social and friendly having to talk to you from the first day of school and they help you along the way as well. The sports here are amazing especially soccer which is the sport I am in. Also the clubs support society very well from cleans ups to donating money to poor civilizations.
It’s a great school, but the students are restricted a lot. Academics whise, this school is pretty good, plenty of AP opportunities, the faculty and counselors help the students as much as possible.
School is private and i expected to get a lot more for what i pay. I don't feel i got the experience i should have. i feel like resources where limited. the culture is not broad. i didn't enjoy the way they treated the students like babies but expected us to act like adults. could have gone to a better school but at the end of the day it wasn't the worst.
La Salle does a good job in preparing students for college and providing the proper information for dealing with college applications and which colleges to apply to. Most of the teachers do a good job at what they do and are very understanding. The STEAM program has also provided several benefits and excellent insight into a hospital setting.
There were good academics but the school clubs needed to be better organized. .
I loved the friendly environment, the incredible teachers, and the fantastic experience I got from it. I never felt left out of anything or pressured to be someone that I wasn't.
Immaculata La Salle High School was the best 4 years of my life. What makes the school great is the combination of a serious cirriculum with a strong support system just like a family. This school has prepared me to be the best college student I am today, and teachers and administration was always friendly with the students as they constantly assured us that they always had the best interest in us. They were always looking out for the students with college fairs, college workshops, and having their doors open whenever students had a question about anything.
I loved everything about La Salle. The people, the spirituality, the way the students are meant to feel as more than just students. One thing I would like to see change is improvement in the math department. I did feel the math courses were taught by young teachers who did not know how to explain the material correctly.
The teachers are so amazing they make sure you understand the class work. The student life is great. There are many clubs and sports to be apart of after school. There are many volunteer and service opportunities for students to help their community.
As an alumni (1997) and now parent of a Freshman and Senior, there are no words to express the gratitude I feel towards Immaculata La Salle. The teachers are not only engaging but also show the love for the school and students. My daughters faith are at another level and they love their school. Thank you for helping me shape my daughters!
I've been a student at La Salle for the past three years, and what I love most about this school is the challenging classes that I take, and the teachers who actually care about my education. I'm an all honors student, and always work hard for the perfect grade, beacuse ILS does not mess around when it comes to academics. Keeping my straight A's (...and B's) is a difficult task beacause of the rigorous materials presented every other day. But, at the end of the semester, my hardwork always pays off, and that makes the stress all worth it. Of course, my teahers are always a big contributing factor to my grades. They are all available before school, all throughout the day, and almost up to an hour afterschool. They always answer every question, and always make sure to explain the subject matter thoroughly before moving on. When I talk to them, I can actually tell that they want me to have a successful future, which then motivates me to achive higher grades.
Don't go here, it's a waste of time and money. The teachers are unqualified, the students are arrogant, and the administration won't do anything for you unless you're willing to pay them.
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Love the teachers, the academics and the strong sense of family among the students, teachers and staff.
Immaculata-La Salle High School is a really great school. Everybody is very kind and welcoming. Teachers and administration really care about how you do in your classes and amazing friendships are made. Being able to go to La Salle has been a blessing and I am so very thankful to have been able to have the experience of going to such a great high school.
When I came to La Salle I was painfully shy and I totally came out of my shell. This is all because of La Salle. I love La Salle. I wake up everyday happy and excited to go to school. Everyone at La Salle is very welcoming and extremely friendly, good-hearted and loving. I definitely consider La Salle my second home.
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