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I have had a great four years at Immaculata. I have grown as a person and have made really great friendships that I know I will always have no matter where we all decide to go to college. The teachers and coaches are great and they really want the best for every student in the school. I have been very fortunate to have such a memorable experience at Immaculata. Spartan proud.
I do not enjoy this school. Many are forced to come here by their parents. They now recruit for the football team from new york areas of the state. They are very disruptive and the only way you can avoid the disruptive kids are if you are in AP classes. Teachers are more focused on what you are wearing then actually teaching. The point system is very faulty where you can get as many points for having your phone out and doing drugs. Enrollment is going way down with the freshman class having 80 kids. do not recommend.
Personally I do not enjoy this school. The given academics are not enough for the tuition and there are only few teachers that seem qualified for their jobs. Almost all the kids do not take school seriously and rely on commencing popularity in school as an outlet of success. For someone who is determined into getting a good education and striving to get into a very good college I do not recommend Immaculata.
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Immaculata overall is just a bad school. the teachers for the most part have no clue what they are doing. Theres a lot of screaming and hardly any actual teaching. Nothing goes on in this school thats good. Immaculata just hits 500 kids, and they cant even see when people are vaping or cheating. The kids are just flat-out rude, and yeah i guess you could say bullying going on too. I do not recommend sending your child here, nothing good goes into it. There are hardly any clubs and none are good. The food is awful, dry, and really bad for you. Again, some of the teachers aren't even educated in what they teach. You are forced into boring activities and retreats, and have to pay FOUR dollars if you bring money on friday for dress down. Please consider other schools before you come here.
I really enjoy how much our school is like a family. Everyone knows each other and is always willing to lend a helping hand. My favorite things about Immaculata is the spirit everyone has for the school and the service opportunities.
I liked that Immaculata High School provided a family environment. This aspect was crucial in me choosing to attend there or go to public school where all my friends went. Out of my middle school graduating class of 182 only 3 of us attended Immaculata. At Immaculata I was able to flourish and discover opportunities I would not have found anywhere else. With the specific involvement in the marching band, they made it feel that we were always there for each other and that you'll never walk alone. Some improvements I would like to see is in the structure of the school itself. It is 55 years old and surely looks it with no air conditioning in the main building and still the old wood desks that parents of students probably sat in those same seats.
Everyone is so welcoming and fun to be around and the teachers actually want their students to succeed in life and aren’t too harsh. I get way less school work as I did at my previous school. I also take part in band and the school really cares about the music program and it is very successful. Great environment and easy to access resources. Just wish they would be less harsh on the dress code and update the buildings.
For the first 3 years, I absolutely loved Immaculata. Although my feelings have still not changed, there are a few things that have changed that makes me go mad. The administration has almost completely changed since going to Immaculata and with this changed I have noticed a changed in how they handle certain situations. I am not going to go into great detail but overall there is a severe lack of discipline and it has become very frustrating for me and a lot of students. Most teachers do not follow through on rules and simply look the other way when someone does not have the proper uniform on or arrive to class early.
All the ill feelings aside, I would recommend Immaculata to anyone and everyone. They have a fantastic community and I have never felt so close to everyone in my class in any school I went to. The teachers are always available for help when you need it and they are incredibly nice.
As a current parent, I have to say that both I and my child are very happy with the decision to attend Immaculata. First and foremost it is a very welcoming school community where the behavior issues, bullying and cliques are no where near as bad as the public school system we came from.

The academics are tough but not overwhelming (even in honors) and the focus is on student participation in more than just academics. Campus Ministry, Service Projects, Band/Arts and Athletics are all part of the fabric of the school and everyone gets involved.

Remember this is a private, catholic school. There are uniforms and lots of rules, but that is part of the experience. It is a small school, so do expect that there will be less electives and clubs but the upside it a greater chance to participate and more personal attention from teachers, coaches and administrators.
As a 1991 graduate of the school not a proud mom Nest I can tell you that the school is only into image some of the teachers are not even certified I also like to express that they only care about on our students people in athletics or in the musician program other than that if you're a very quiet person you're seen as a piece of garbage they truly do not follow the Christian example the nuns there are not that nice they do not have any empathy for students that learn differently and also they do not have a solid bullying policy so many of the other high school students are verbally abusive and emotionally abusive to students that don't do not fit in this is not a good high school and not worth $10,500 choose another school or public school
Immaculata has a very welcoming and family atmosphere. There are lots of different clubs and sports to become involved in.
Certainly not worth tuition. They spent 1 million dollars on a new theater yet most of the school is not air conditioned and uses old textbooks. Students are for the most part very cliquish. Food is terrible. Teachers improve as you become an upperclassman, but be warned that most of the resources goes to the 10 or so "Marian Scholars" in each grade who they are priming for Ivys. They could not care less about the rest of us. It's not horrible and I've had good experiences here, but I probably could have had them at a public school as well.
Immaculata is a school that definitely feels like family. The teachers are very welcoming and care about what they are doing. They are very passionate about what they teach. The students like the teachers are also welcoming. Even though this is a Catholic school they respect and welcome you with open arms no matter what your beliefs are.
Immaculata High School is a great school where everyone is like family. Teachers go above and beyond if you are willing to ask for help. I knew from the time I was a young boy I wanted to attend Immaculata. I have had several family members attend.
Immaculata is a very friendly, loving, compassionate environment and the faculty cares for its students. I hope Immaculata continues to improve in their development to help high school students propel into a bright and successful future.
One of the best decisions I've made for my two children was to send them to Immaculata High School. For academics social programs athletics every aspect of the school suited both of them perfectly. Both play varsity athletics and were involved in many other activities and got a great education at the same time. I wholeheartedly recommend Immaculata for your children
Immaculata High School was the best decision I could have made for my college and professional success. The school prepared me academically, but also stressed the importance of being a good person: focusing on integrity, morality, and camaraderie. The school puts first things first, and the students are truly cared for. I graduated college top of my class with a job in my choice field - and I 100% credit this success to the academic and personal foundation formed at IHS.
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Very good school with an amazing community that offers plenty of sports, social, and service opportunities. Prepared me well on how to get into the college of my dreams and how to succeed once I got there.
The teachers at Immaculata are phenomenal. They take the time to explain the topics of discussions thoroughly to make sure everyone understands but not only that, they make sure that all students are okay. They not only worry about our academics they care about our personal lives and if there are some things going on, they are always there to listen and give a helping hand when someone needs it. They're like parents away from home!
Immaculata's extracurricular opportunities vary from sports to media to helping with others, you name it! We have something called campus ministry where students sign up to go spent time with those at homeless shelters and bring clothes/food that we as students collect for them or go to habitat for humanity where they travel to build houses for others. We also have a media club where students broadcast all the different sports games during the different season or take photographs of different activities that are going on throughout the school. So many different opportunities for all different kinds of students to come together and unite as a family to help others.
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