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Imlay City High School Reviews

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I’ve grown up in Imlay City for my whole life, and have gone to Imlay City Communitu Schools since preschool. I am so happy that I got to grow up in a small town like this and go to a school like this. What I really like about my high school is that it’s smaller, and everyone is involved in everything no matter what. Teachers are coaches to sports teams, teachers here really really care about their students and helping them get grades above failing, and getting students who don’t necessarily want to graduate, to graduate. I wouldn’t have wanted to go to school anywhere else but here. I love all of my teachers now, and all of them previously. A lot of them have even helped me get through some tough situations and for that I’m forever grateful for.
My school doesn’t have that many unique corses. It also lacks in basic teacher student understandings. The only corses offered at our school worth taking are that fine arts classes. I would like to see a new principal, preferably one who knows how to correlate punishment to offense.
The size of the school benefitted the staff and students more than you could imagine. I loved that I knew everyone in my classes and all of the teachers at my school; not many kids can say they had the same experience. We had numerous teachers who I would've felt comfortable going to if I had a problem in my classes or even had a conflict with another student. I think it is important to have an experience like mine. I would recommend the district to anyone.
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I have had a very positive experience at Imlay City High School. I've always felt safe and well cared for. The staff is constantly encouraging students to work hard and as Principal Eddy always says, "Do your best learning!" The only thing that needs improving are the bathrooms. Many of the doors do not lock and some of the stalls are missing doors all together. Also, some of the sinks do not work. The bathrooms have been in poor condition for my past 3 years in high school, but I am hopeful that they will be fixed this year. Overall, Imlay City High School has given me a very positive high school experience and I look forward to finishing out my last year there.
I like how much the teachers truly care about their students and their education. Our teachers at Imlay city love to see their student succeed.
I must say what I loved the most about this particular high school was the admirable and prestigious teachers. The teachers here are genuinely concerned about the well being of his or her students and have a passion to enlighten and empower students.
The teachers genuinely care about your education and well being. Students all tend to get along, and the atmosphere is typically peaceful and positive.
Great and very friendly staff. Great school to learn new material and love the school friendly fundraisers they throw for the students. Love the new choir program.
My experience with Imlay City High School has been very good. I have had many great teachers that care for
each student and their success in and outside of the classroom. I would like to see a few more sports/clubs offered for those that don’t fit into the “core” sports, ex. lacrosse, chess, etc.
Imlay City High School was ok as far as learning. Other than that, the bullying rate was way up there, and the principal won't do anything about it. The counselors force you to take classes you don't want to and one of the sub teachers insulted me and my friends, who have learning disabilities, in front of the class. Usually the math teachers have "no time at all" to help you with any homework you're struggling with.
I really enjoyed my time in Imlay City. The teachers are nice and the classes are college-preparedness oriented.
I really love this school. I have been going to imlay city schools for all my life. All of the staff are really nice, and will help you with whatever you need. The only thing I would change would be the food, but other than that Imlay City High School is amazing.
I do like how a lot of teachers are hands on and are willing to constantly offer help to those who need it. I think that the school lunches should change as well as the bathrooms. There's always a sink, or soap dispenser, or stall door, or hand dryer that is broken.
Imlay City Community Schools was taught me how to be a independent person and how to achieve greatness in life. The schools are full of magnificent teachers, administrators, and aids. I've learned what I want to pursue in a career after graduation and every adult has helped me through my educational career. I'm so lucky to have been a student in all the Imlay City schools.
The school does not have a history of safety issues, but at times there will be an unarmed police officer in the lobby. This school does not have a school nurse and it doesn't have very many health programs and resources. Bullying is sometimes a problem, but is usually resolved when the administration finds out about it.
Some of the most popular extracurricular opportunities at this school include Student Council, National Honors Society, Class Council, Robotics Team and Band. People who are involved in these clubs seem to be very passionate about what they do, and administration is also very supportive.
This school has created much of who I am today. I found out what I liked and disliked and got involved in things like sports, National Honors Society, and Class Council. I personally believe this school had a great sense of community and it was very rare that someone was left out of an activity. I would choose to go to this school again because it has shaped me into a very great person.
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It has a good environment that feels safe due to the job the staff is doing.
There are many clubs available like Spanish, French, or History.
I have many fond memories at this school due to the environment at the school.
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