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Imhotep Institute Charter High School Reviews

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My overall experience at Imhotep Charter High School is good. I am a senior and I have had my times when I felt like I wanted to leave and I had times when I felt like I wanted to stay,but the good outweighs the bad so I am satisfied. One thing that I would change would be the selection of teachers sometimes. One thing I love about imhotep is that they really prepare you for college. They help you find websites for scholarships and everything. Also, they help you to stay on top of the whole college admission process.
I Loved Everything About Imhotep Institute Charter High School. There Is Absolutely Nothing That I Would Want To See A Change In.
Imhotep is a family oriented school that gives students a safe, and loving learning environment. This is a African centered school; meaning african culture is expressed in the classroom and other school functions. This school is great for students planning on going to college because they guide you throughout all four years towards post secondary school. If I were to do it all over again I would chose Imhotep Charter without a doubt in my mind
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Imhotep is the best school I have ever been to! It is just like one big happy family! You gain all of these different types of bonds and relationships. It is the best thing I have ever experienced.
Imhotep is an African centered school & does live up to it. Imhotep is, however, not diverse in its students.
I like that of how imhotep prepare that of me toward college so I don't get myself trapped inside a pyramid scheme. Showing me that of the material that is need for me to get pass that of secondary school an enter into college. The school itself save you the hassle of wiring at the last minute to do necessities like prepare an essay,look for scholarship, and ect.
Imhotep is such a great school! With all of their prestigious academics and sports! Imhotep circles around African American culture but and race or ethnicity is able to join! Imhotep is like a family. I have made many relationships with teachers and students alike. And I couldn't be happier with who is present in my life. I wouldn't have it any other way with attending Imhotep. These last 3 and a half years have been the best times of my life! I hope someday you and your children or loved ones can experience this school too!
my experience at imhotep charter high school is good . everyone is pretty good with the teachers and understanding them
My experience at this high school has been interesting and knowledgeable at the same time. Even though as a senior, working to achieve the goal of going to college, we also get the chance to have fun with the experience as the last high school year for the class of 2018.
What I like about Imhotep is that they prepare you for college during the senior project,and they work with you during applying to college.
I loved everything about Imhotep. The diversity is amazing, the academics are awesome and everything about the school is just amazing.
My experience at Imhotep has been a very good one .The teachers, support staff ,administration and non teaching staff are all very dedicated, patient, and caring about each student’s success. The polices are in place to ensure my child’s save environment.Parents are notified by email, Schoology,text, and phone calls.Report card conferences are with all teachers that enter act with your can email a teacher and they will respond at a timely period.You can ask for a conference with a teacher at any time.They have a great tutorial program for students.They have a great acedemic program as well as a great sports program. The special Education Program is excellent.We have been very pleased with the education our granddaughter has received for the past four years.Our Hats are off to all Imhotep Staff.
Imhotep is well known for their great sports team such as: Football, and Basketball. I am currently a senior at Imhotep Institute Charter High School. Through my years attending this school has been an interesting experience.
Imhotep is a good school to learn about the black culture and experience and view some of the things they do and how they do them. Some things that need to change is the rules and the organization of the school. Sometimes everything can be everywhere, and confuse the student body and even the administration itself.
Over all my experience with the teachers who care and staff who care has been very beneficial to me especially when I transferred from a old space to a new one the environment is safe and also very warm hearted
Imhotep is a good school, they take pride in their students and the education you receive there is ok but could be better. Their sports teams perform beautifully, but they show sports more attention then they do academic related activities. Their food is horrible and they don’t have good technology.
Imhotep is an African-centered science, mathematics and technology learning center whose mission is to provide a standards-driven, high-quality educational program for urban learners grounded in the Afrikan principles of MA'AT and the principles of Nguzo Saba. Imhotep aims to nurture lifelong learners who are valuable members of the community.
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Best high school, especially for getting to know who you are & what your people are as African Americans.
What I like about Imhotep was our school culture it's a African base school and we have different aspects compared to other schools..
while i am in imhotep charter i like some of the admin and teachers the way they helps us, and i would like to change the way the you provide time to help us out.
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