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Amazing school I’m going here in a year so and I’ve been to camp 5 times it’s an amazing experience with top notch coaches and strength conditioning is amazing and very healthy food
It's a great place for the right people. Don't go without knowing for sure that you want to pursue a sport and be aware that every day will be challenging both mentally and physically. If you are a hard worker and have some talent you will definitely succeed at this place and be able to play at the college level and maybe even professionally.
I can to IMG in the summer after attend a three week camp. I then chose to forego my senior year and transfer to IMG for better opportunities for college. As a result, I was recruited by 5 schools and will be attending Marquette University in the fall.
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Great experience. Professional staff. Great people, united community. A place where you can get better.
IMG academy is the perfect school for kids who want to fully embrace the role of student athletes. This schools will help you prepare for college and sports.
IMG is a great place for student athletes preparing for college. IMG students spend half the day in class and the other half training in their sport. The coaches, teachers, and advisors help you get ready for the next level.
IMG academy was a great experience in terms of social life and academics, however the academics were not as tough as one might expect from a college preparatory school. Socially this has been an excellent experience meeting people from different cultures. Meeting these people from different cultures has changed my entire life and I now feel like a citizen of the world rather then just The United States. The sports at IMG are second to none from facilities to coaching it is basically a college level. The academics are the only problem I have had with IMG. The classes are decently challenging however I feel like it is not as rigorous as it could be.
There is not enough adult supervision. There is to much freedom for high school age kids living away from home. Adults need to be much older then the students not a few years older then the students. I had way to much freedom .
The staff acts more like a friend then a parent .
Very good school focused heavily on sports, but that also has faculty that really cares about seeing their students succeed. Really allows students to improve in their academics and sports.
Spent four years here, and had an eye-opening time. I didn't have all of the normal high school experiences, but i grew up fast here. This place wasn't always the most fun, but it prepared me for life extremely well.
More diversity and options of classes
Transportation service very expensive
tastier and more diverse food And meals
Excellent enviroment for young athletes
Need improve some classes , and better teachers. Food is not so good.The contact with parents is poor and will be better if the staff are more involved with students.
Overprized and mass produced, but otherwise great opportunities. Tuition nowadays is $83,000 which In my opinion should include a personal butler and daily massages alongside a three-course menu cooked by a Michelin star chef. Unfortunately, none of that is the case. Upside: Experienced and knowledgeable coaches!
This school is hands down the best school in the world to go to for sports or if you're just wishing to have a life time experience. It has best facilities in the world, you are constantly meeting tons of other professional and elite athletes that you see on TV and look up to every day. You are trained by ex professional athletes and coaches and pushed every day to be the best that you can be in every aspect of life.
Coming from a regular private school to one with cultures from all over the world opened my eyes and broadened my horizons to how wonderful the world is. I have friends from all over the world now and excel in my in my sport.
It is a great private school, that prepares you for college and gives you great connections for life.
Most teachers have a genuine interest in the students
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Boarding students know how to get out after hours
Being a boarding school there are a lot of activities
Academics - great; sports - too many athletes