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I started Imbler in the 6th grade and I was way behind what everyone else was learning. The teachers were very helpful to me being behind and helped me get caught up and stay caught up.
The students like to cause A LOT of problems. It makes you not want to go to this school.
The school does an exceptional job at providing services for students with health needs. Any precautions that can be taken are taken. Health programs are decent and students are held accountable for any potentially unsafe actions. The school overall does not pose as a threat to students or staff.
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Imbler's facilities are kept in check and frequently maintained by dedicated staff. As students, we have regular access to the schools technology devices. Examples include: the computer lab, laptops, science equipment such as microscopes. Parents of the community and school district are actively involved in parent committees and volunteer often. Counselors provide up to date college information and scholarship opportunities. Tutoring is available through upperclassman who volunteer their time through organizations such as National Honor Society. Bus routes, drivers and vehicles are efficient and reliable.
Teachers and administration take pride in Imbler's reputation as a school. They do not tolerate any kind of misbehavior. We don't get beaten with whips, but we don't run loose like chickens with no heads either.
Imbler has notable academic programs that push students to work harder. Teachers are encouraging and create a relaxed yet ambicious learning environment. Occasionally classes dish out huge workloads at the same time which can be taxing on student health and free time. By free time I mean getting some sleep at night. The school is well organized, schedules are super easy to follow, and announcements are kept up to date.
Most of the teachers I've had at Imbler High School have been dedicated to helping students succeed. The majority of teachers are passionate about their topic and obviously enjoy teaching.
In all honesty, Imbler cooks do a good job in providing decent meals. It's pretty good for cafeteria food.
There are basic opportunities such as FBLA and FFA, but there isn't enough students to have the variety of clubs that larger schools have.
The Imbler community practically revolves around sports. Plenty of funding is contributed toward athletic programs and fan participation is through the roof.
We have gotten new computers the last two years, but there are issues with hacking.
Bullying is an issue, but it usually isn't addressed.
Alright school, I am not sure if given the choice I would still go there, but that is just me.
The math and English teacher are amazing! Science teacher is the complete opposite though.
The menu is pretty much the same year after year.
The only type of extracurricular activities is pretty much sports.
They are mostly focused on agriculture programs and don't have much to offer for business courses.
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Our volleyball and football teams are very good with many state championships.
The administration is alright. Our principal is someone who the students tend to either love or hate.
The school helped me prepare for the life I am living now and that is in the United States Marine Corps, everyone chose a different path and the school helped them ride that path and achieve their goals for post-graduation and in life.
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