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iMater Preparatory Academy High School Reviews

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I personally think that the school has a great facility composed by caring and loving staff members. iMater is a great school, where students are engaged to socialize with one another and learn in creative ways. My experience in the school as a senior who has been a student since 9th grade is amazing, because I had the opportunity to successfully grow and develop my education.
My experience in iMater was amazing, I learned so much in these 4 years of high school and I had the best moments of my life. Something that I would change would be the tremendous amount of homework that the teachers assign to the students.
This school is really good. We are not too big and not too small either. Everyone knows each other. Our teachers are very friendly and always trying to help their students as best they can. The people on the staff are also very nice and always open to questions and to ask for help.
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I honestly think that iMater is one of the best schools in south Florida. The staff and teachers are really friendly and always willing to help and everyone was always cooperative.
I like how iMater is a school in which it feels like family. Everyone knows each other since it's such a small school and it has a home feel to it, which is hard to find in other schools. Every single teacher or staff member cares about your education and will push students to succeed.
iMater Academy is an excellent school. Nestled in the heart of Hialeah, it provides an environment that pushes students to thrive. The staff is overall excellent, they come everyday with an excitement to teach, security ready to greet you when they see you, front office staff with a welcoming smile for those who come in, and the principal with a vision to allow students to suceed in a environment that allows them to. School opened in August 2013, and the progress it has made is impresseive, an added gym, two extra buildings. The student body composed of a diverse population allows for students to fit in. The wide selection of extracurricular activities allow for students to commit to themselves.
I liked specific teachers throughout my years, I've been in this school since it was built, quite literally, my first year and some construction was still going on.
iMater Preparatory Academy is a middle/high school that is really amazing if you're in a sport, cheerleading or on the dance team. The faculty is usually very biased, but there is fair treatment within the classrooms.
I love my school because it feels like a family. Everyone knows everyone and the teachers are always there to help you and teach you if needed!
I like how all the teachers are always there to help you with anything and I honestly just loved my middle/high school experience.
I've been attending iMater Preparatory Academy High School for about 4 years now . The school has great and helpful staff, excellent security, and a wonderful academic achievement. Since the school opened in 2014 it has improved tremendously in all aspects and has always provided a great environment for its students.
It was a good experience although I was part of the first graduating class, I am sure they have many more resources and the memories made there are unforgettable. The school itself is more of a huge family.
I am a student that was inside of Public schools since elementary school the second i got switched to this brand new charter/ Preparatory school i was losing my head. I could not believe the fact that i had to switch to a school in which they overworked their students, gave alot of homework, and overall had bad reviews. Needless to say that this information was provided by my "friends". I was a transfer student and already being the new kid sucked but i fit in to this school like a puzzle piece. There were studious kids such as I and there wasn't the over working as i heard of. I can't find a good reason too complain about this school. iMater is one of my best decisions. Well my mom's....
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