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I am a soon to be senior at Imani. Beforehand, I went to Carrick High School for my freshman year and in my opinion both schools have there pros and cons. Imani is a predominately Black school. Imani is very small, approximately 200 children from k-12, no confidentiality. I don't like how the school doesn't have many clubs nor sports; about a handful with both together. I don't like how the school leaders don't take care of situations of disruptive students fast enough. It's hard for their peers, including I, to get the full education that we need However, I like how you can be close to your teachers. It is very useful because they know your struggles and communicate with you to help. The teachers are very caring and they are good role models for the young African American students here.
My experience with Imani Christian Academy has been great! The environment is very supportive and the staff are there to tend to your needs. The school is small, however, you are able to make personal connections with people.
One change I would like to see is the level of education, clubs and activities, and diversity. Imani Christian does not offer AP courses for people who should have the chance to experience being in an AP class setting, as well as provide a selective list for clubs. Also, Imani doesn't have much diversity between different races. Besides its differences, my experience with Imani has been truly great, and I am proud I can say that.
What I like about Imani Christian Academy is that the people there treat you like family. If anyone is ever going through anything or just need someone to talk to the staff, and students talk to whoever needs the help. We are all there for each other. Another thing I like about Imani is that your hard work never goes unnoticed, if you put in the work you will get acknowledged and it inspires you to want to work harder every chance you get. Something I would like to see happen in Imani is the opportunity for a study hall, I think students who have the opportunity to go to a study hall will have a positive impact on so many of the students there and make a huge difference in people’s grades. That is what I like about Imani Christian Academy.
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I attended Imani in 2012 my middle school year . I maintained a3.0 it higher . I like the support and help from the teachers and staff . The sports are good . There school has college visitors and the counselors are AWESOME they hello you prepare for college . They make sure your okay . They will not let you struggle in nothing .
My experience at Imani Christian Academy has been amazing throughout the years. The teachers are very welcoming , students as well and you get a chance to grow closer to Jesus Christ and make some really good connections.
Imani Christian Academy is a school with family-like support. They guide you and give you the push you need to be successful.
My experience with Imani was special. I have been there since kindergarden, and now i am a senior there. I've made great friendships there, got close with many teachers, participated in several activities whether it was sports, plays, or volunteer work. Imani is a family, each class has its own personality as well. I grew up there and i have enjoyed my 12 years of education there, ill never forget any of the memories. Something i think they should do is split up certain classes because of the different levels of learning. Other than that, Imani helped me with a lot and its a school that cares about your future.
Imani Christian Academy is a one of a kind school. One thing I love about the school is we are all like family. The teachers are always there when needed and more.
I would choose this school again because I know I will get treated with respect and get taught what I need to learn.
Teachers truly care a lot for the students and actually try to get the students interested.
I'm not sure if the lunch program is incorporated in this question but I was once in the restroom and saw someone I knew that works in the lunch room making salads. He said hi and I said hi back and then he went to use the stall after which I observed him walk right out of the bathroom without washing his hands. This memory as than blazed in my mind forever.
The extracurricular activities at my school are centered around sports.
I don't want to belabor the issue, so I will defer to my previously stated comment on the prior screen.
I like they are consistent in giving out homework assignments and they provide study guides.
every single person who has taught at Imani has remained available to every student both pass and present
it was all open space when I graduated but since then I heard they have added doors and walls everywhere
safety was never an issue

now whether or not you could convince a student to become and stay safe is another story
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there was always someone around if you needed help even after hours most teachers gave out their personal cell phones and to this day I still call or text them
The teachers they had teaching us taught us based on their knowledge and lifestyle they once lived because they had been down that road before and knew the out come by continuing down it
the were mainly for those who were in-shape or wanted to be in-shape and had a way to get home afterwards
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