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Iman Academy - Southwest Campus Reviews

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Iman Academy is one of the better Islamic schools in Houston. The teachers and staff are very nice and are like family. A great Islamic environment for children and goes from daycare to highschool.
I've been here for 11 years. Not once did I witness bullying, and not once have I been a victim of bullying at this school. Diverse student body, and parents are always involved. Good conduct and manners are always emphasized by the administration. Dual Credit and AP classes are offered as well. College counselors are extremely helpful. Five stars!!!
the culture is very good there. very open to new types of people but mostly a school for people who are Muslim.i was raised in that school. I learned them since I was in daycare and I plan to graduate from iman academy. the only thing I regret is that I didn't get to experience the true high school life .the school doesn't really get you ready for the real life it shelters you from all the bad things that are bound to appear when you leave the school. besides that the only other thing is their sports system .it very terrible if you plan on pursuing an athletic career this is not the school to go to .the physical education isn't really amazing either all we do is go outside and do want to do the pe teacher just leaves and he no where to be sean till the rnd of the period
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They're are good teachers there.
I believe this school is completely different than other schools firstly because of the diversity. People all over the world come to this school so meeting and seeing different cultures is amazing. This school is small so we have a personal connection with our teachers. Everyone knows everyone, which I think is awesome. The school is basically like a huge family. Now one thing is that people who come to this school must learn to depend on themselves. We have lots of online classes that require the student to self-study. Of course, we can ask teachers and they teach us (obviously). I feel this school has taught me to be ready for college socially, as well as educationally.
The school offers spanish and french. It also includes religious studies as extracurriculars in our daily schedule.
The School's nurse has all the medicines and treatments that anyone could need when injured or feeling unwell.
Everyone is usually kind but there are times when administration looks down on students, especially those in 11th and 12th grade, talking to them as if they are little kids who don't know anything. The school is very unorganized.
Acceptance in the school is, perhaps, not a problem at Iman Academy Southwest, mainly because of its diversity. That said, though, one could observe occasional minor bullying from some troublesome students. In order to halt these types of incidents, the school organizes activities aimed at encouraging students to report any bullying scenes. Peer pressure could be rampant with Iman Academy's students, which is normal with any high school; however, these minor issues cannot dictate its profound capability of providing a warm second home to students of any ethnicity, personality, or gender.
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