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Imagine School at North Port is a small school with a small community. The closeness of the staff and students makes it feel like a comforting home everyday.
I've been at ISNP since it opened 10 years ago. Personally, I've never had any big issues with it. It has its ups and downs, just like any other school. I, and many others, believe that they are trying too hard (in relation to rules/policies, especially). I think the big plus about this particular school is its small size. You can get to know everybody in your grade and establish a bond with the teachers a lot easier than you would be able to at a large school.
I loved the teachers. Very one-on-one. They are very friendly and know how to handle a situation when it gets out of control.
More academic than sports centered. This does not stop the school, however, on focusing on sports to help those who want to get better and succeed at a sport they want to play.
Easy to start up clubs or join one. Can make a club for anything, like Pokemon.
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I am currently attending this school, and there are some vital things that should change. To begin, they could improve by providing resources with better resources to better all of their classes. Second, they are behind in the education aspect. Last, they are not careful who they hire for a teacher; hire anyone wit a degree and a good attitude.
It's a very small school that does very well for what it has. The teachers are amazing and form bonds with students that help them succeed, there are many opportunities to succeed there, students are individuals who are given the chance to speak their minds, and administration is good with handling issues.
I would not recommend this school. I have 3 kids who have attended this school. The principal Aleischa Coover should not be in a principal position. She does not know how to handle her self nor any problems that I have personally been involved with. No phone calls to parents before failing them. It's acceptable ti send an email and fail a 4th grade student. Not ok.
The main thing I like about Imagine school at North Port is that the teachers are always there for you and really take the time to provide the help a student needs.
My experience with Imagine has been great considering I have been attending since I was in 5th grade. The teachers are caring, putting each and every student's education first. There isn't much diversity there, but everyone gets along just fine. The school being small fits my liking which is why I have been there for many years. If I had to voice any changes, it would be with more disciplinary actions taken for students who continually are in trouble with the staff.
I have been a student of Imagine North Port since 4th grade. The school, in general, is particularly small, but this ultimately makes it a better choice. The teachers have more opportunities to talk individually with students and establish personal relationships which truly enhance the high school experience. It is very easy to get in contact with staff in order to receive the help you may need, which is something that other schools may not have. The community is very inviting and close considering the size of the campus. There is a large amount of student involvement that makes the school a proud place to be involved with.
Imagine is a good, fairly average high school. Parents choose it to avoid larger public schools, yet lean away from private schools. It's a good middle ground.
I believe that Imagine is a decent school, but definitely could improve as it grows. Right now, the campus needs an expansion because of how full it is becoming.
I have been at imagine for 10 years and can easily say i am not disappointed. the only thing that i didn't like was the principals changing so much and the shortage of teachers certain years. Imagine has gotten a lot better since i first came here. This school really has grown.
Imagine School - North Port is a small school with a very tight-nit community. Students who come from tiny private schools or bustling public schools will enjoy the atmosphere provided at Imagine. The teachers there show passion and expertise in their field, especially when working with those in the Honors Program. Most sports takes a backseat at Imagine, but certain sports like the cross country team, boys wrestling and girls volleyball have committed players and quality coaches. The clubs are an exciting way to become more involved at school and new clubs are added every year. If I could change one thing about Imagine, it would be the amount of parent/student participation. In the past, the school had a big lack of school spirit, but ever year more and more students are doing activities that are fun, exciting, and helpful to the community. I can honestly say now is a great time to be an Imagine Shark!
I have been an attendee of the ISNP campus since the fourth grade, and as such have transitioned from their elementary, middle, and will soon transfer from their high school program. Overall, I love my school. I love that I get the opportunity to be so very close to some incredible teachers and, being a small school, academic vigor is easily rewarded with leadership and accolades given the availability of these opportunities. Yet, there are many problems. The transition to the new administration has been less than smooth, with most kids denouncing them and having very little respect for them. As much as I'd like to defend them, saying it is just "kids being kids" it is really not. The administration has not earned the respect that Dr. Black, our previous principal, had. They handle situations via quick cover up and the silencing of student concerns rather than addressing them.
The 2016-2017 school has had very negative changes. The leadership has no experience to culture a good teaching or working environment.
They should really bring in an experienced caring leader for Imagine Upper. When it comes to athletics, they hired a director who was a volunteer coach for football. Also has no experience or how to deal with Fhsaa. He was hired in 2014 as football coach. The team disbanded and football has never made a comeback again. The few elite players they have alwayd leave to other school, because the coaches are lacking guidance and proper assistance to obtain proper coaches. The school has been investigated for using illegal players in westling and baseball and basketball. Their is a lot more, time for experience .
Love the teachers but administration has gone downhill. Administration is inexperience and ill equipped. They are making poor choices left and right that are very concerning and there is not much accountability within the school.
I like how the school is small and how everyone gets along pretty well. I also like how we have dual enrollment for soon to be juniors and seniors. It could improve in a few ways. One way it we could use some better administration and teaching staff. We could also get better coaching staff for teams. And last but not least maybe some more after school extra curricular activities.
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I like Imagine School at North Port because the campus so small and allows me to grow close with my classmates and teachers. The staff is great and I'm always ready to get to school with a good attitude.
This school year has questioned what has happened to a school we use to cherish. We have seen new principal that is very unapproachable. The school athletics dept has gone to shambles with disorganization and inexperience.
It is very apparent the ISNP hires very inexperienced prof Fe soon Al only their to collect a paycheck and not safety or well being of the kids our future.
The new principal Mrs. Gardner, has taken this school into a negative direction. She does not interact with parents or lead a school. This school has had issues with gun threats , fights, and continuously bringing the wrong message to the school. She has taken away the active students rights and ability to succeed.
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