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Imagine Prep is a school with very devoted staff members who make profound efforts to get to know their students, and work diligently to help their students succeed. With that being said, the students at our school are giving many academic opportunities to ensure that they have the best possible grades and the most possible opportunities to improve. Despite this, the school has a very limited quantity of extracurricular clubs and programs, and the clubs it does have are most often very informally operated. The school is also not very proactive about helping students to take tests like the SAT/ACT, and does not help students to enter into CTSO programs or courses that offer career preparation. The school also promotes Cambridge International curriculum, but does very little to acknowledge or prove the benefits associated; earning an additional diploma through Cambridge International does very little to help a student academically or in the process of college application.
I love how Imagine Prep provides a class specifically centered to prepare you for college and life. The class was called "College and Career Readiness" and taught by Mrs. Warner. I learned about different opportunities that one could have with a specific major and how to look for the college that best fits my needs. There was even a time in class where we researched different colleges and careers and presented them to the class. One of the greatest takeaways from the class was researching our dream cars and learning the difference between buying, leasing, and renting a car which we also presented in class. At the end of the semester the class got to dress up in interview attire and we practiced our interviewing skills that we had also learned in class. I am so grateful for Mrs. Warner because without her and that class I would not be where I am today. Because of that class, I was able to find my dream college and I am currently already a sophomore in college! Crazy how time flies!
The teachers and staff used to be stellar, but recent changes in the quality of employees has left much to be desired. While the prospect of a Cambridge school was thrilling at first, I quickly figured out that Cambridge consists of teaching to the test. Finally, the school has become overcrowded and difficult to manage by administration.
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On the positive side, a majority of the students here at Imagine Prep Surprise are welcoming and supportive of others, even newcomers! Academics are the main target with sports and the arts being put more on the back-burner for this school. There is very little music and art program availability here on the other hand.
Great school for college preparedness but lacks the traditional high school experience due to its small size.
Imagine Prep Surprise is a small charter school that have grades 6th through 12th. It might not have all the resources as a public school, but I think we have better academics then any public school in Surprise, Arizona. And also its a place were the teachers actually care about the students.
I love how caring the teachers are about their students well-being and education. I think they have a good college-readiness program, and that the Cambridge education is beneficial.
The Education was very good. Teachers are understanding and caring about how you do in school. They do not just see you another student in a classroom they get to know you and understand how to teach you in a way that will benefit you. The other students at imagine prep are kind and have know that responsibility and respect go a long way. Imagine does a great job of preparing us for not only college but for the other important things too like applying for jobs and paying taxes. Overall Imagine Prep does a great job in all aspects of education for students.
It was a fun environment with many of the classmates that I would talk to, however some teachers were adequate and some were not simply because they did not teach the subject well. I really like the curriculum is somewhat more challenging than that of neighboring schools and that the school pushes us to make post- high school decisions.
I have been attending Imagine Prep @ Surprise for seven years now and I love it. The teachers create amazing bonds with their students and they have many office hours to give us the opportunity to get help, which helped me big time. Imagine has a day called “Mix It Up Day” where we spend the whole day doing a bunch of activities focusing on the topic of bullying and how to prevent, deal with it, and what to do when you get bullied. I believe Mix It Up Day has a huge impact on all of us students; it definitely does on me.
A change I would like to see is a building expansion. There are so many students in such a little building and there wouldn't be a student waiting list if we had more room. In the hallways you are constantly running into people. Also, I wish to see better food at lunch. The food our school gives us does not look appetizing and does not taste good. Whenever I get school lunch it never fills me, I’m always still hungry after I finished it.
I'm currently a senior at Imagine and I think my favorite thing about the school that's been consistent is the smaller class sizes. I like them the most because you get to know each other and you get to develop relationships with them. Along with that, if needed, you get one on one time with any teacher. If I could change something about my school it would be the sports in terms of how much the school cares for them if that makes sense. I'd want the school to show more support and make more of an effort to provide the school teams with better equipment so that the students can not only show their intelligence in the classroom but can also show what they're made of on the field or courts.
Imagine prep surprise is a very good school for the students that want to get ahead on their credits and want a challenge! The teachers are very attentive to all of their students and make sure that they are getting the best education that they can get here in Arizona.
Having attended 6th-12th grade, I feel that Imagine Prep has a great emphasis on academics with their Cambridge curriculum and being such a small school, you really feel that you get the attention you need from both teachers and administrators. However, being a small school there also isn't as many clubs/sports/elective classes as other, bigger schools have (although it is relatively easy to start up a club). The school also places a big emphasis on creating a comfortable environment for the kids with days such as Mix-It-Up Day. Overall, a rather good but fairly average high school experience.
This school is amazing! I love the education and teacher. I've learned so much from these amazing people. I've been there since 6th grade and I wouldn't trade this school to go anywhere else!!!
This school is amazing! I've learned so much about myself, others and just amazing knowledge I have that these amazing teachers have taught me!
If I'm ever in need of help I can easily go to admin or one of my teachers.
I really like the administration at Imagine Prep Surprise. I know they care about each student, and they listen. I would love to see a process in place to bring anonymous valid concerns and complaints about teaching staff.
Imagine Prep is a very safe school, they even offer local law enforcement and first responders to come in during breakfast and lunch hours for free food because they want the presence of the officers to be there. If I could change anything about Imagine Prep it would be to make sure that teachers are certified in the subjects they are actually trying to teach.
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There has always been a respectful friendly vibe at this school. People always welcome new people with open arms and are there for you. The teachers actually put effort into making the students intelligent and ready for college.
I liked how the school started to step in the right direction by using the Cambridge curriculum but did not teach it effectively. The school also had a had time keeping math teachers, I went to the school for 6 years and had about 9 math teachers.
I liked that the kids are nice and friendly and bullying is really low compared to other schools in the area. However, I just wish they didn't always hire first year teachers.
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