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Imagine Prep is a great school. Every teacher here wants the best for every student and will do what ever it takes to make sure each student is successful. The staff here are all very nice and want to see the kids achieve their goals.
Lots of emphasis on sports. The AP classes were not a challenge at all, except for AP Bio. AP Language and Literature were as lenient as regular English classes, and it reflected in my scores. The math department is fantastic, as is the science. Not a lot of clubs or extracurricular opportunities. Some of the staff and faculty were unpleasant. Glad I graduated. I don't feel prepared for college at all now, even after making good grades and hard work throughout my 4 years at Imagine. Also, they don't even have a nurse's office.
I have been going to since 2014 and my experience has been amazing. The teachers there care so much about the students because they expect us all to go to college so they are always preparing us for college. They really want to see their students to succeed so they are willing to stay after school and offer individualized support. If your looking for a great high school to go to then Imagine Prep Superstition is a great option!
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I have had a wonderful experience at Imagine Prep. I transferred there as a junior, and I received a lot of individualized attention that helped me succeed and prepare for college.
I would like for teachers at Imagine Prep Supersition to become more organized and challenge their students more.
The small size of the student body leaves Imagine lackluster in school spirit. Teachers care deeply for their students, however a lack of resources hinders some growth. Most textbooks are online, leaving students without Internet access at a disadvantage. More AP classes should be offered, a library should be created, and a nurse's office is a necessity. Throw in some better quality food and Imagine Prep would receive a 5 star rating!
What I Like about Imagine Prep is how involved the teachers and staff are in preparing students for a college bound future. Also, the school is smaller than others, and many students quickly get to know one another. This created a family-like atmosphere that makes you feel included.
I have went to Imagine Prep Superstition for all four years of high school and I have loved almost every second of it. The teachers connect with the students on an emotional level and provide a safe place for those who need it. The administrators are all very friendly and are always available to answer any questions students and parents have. The only issue I have seen with this school over the years is the huge focus on sports; this isn't a bad thing, but it has gotten a little out of control, there should be a heavier focus on academics in my opinion.
This school is awful!They lead by intimidation.The principal &his Dad like to corner kids trying to get them to snitch. Most of the teachers have less than 3 years of experience &they have no idea how to run a classroom.Theres a HUGE drug problem.I'm not only talking about the recent Xanax problem, anything is readily available.The principal only has 3 ways to handle students; yell, suspension, expulsion.Bullying is a major problem.The staff plays favorites and are not consistent with the form of disiplainary actions. One student wad suspended for 2 days for being on video saying a curse word followed by a racial remark, another student was caught taking drugs on campus &was suspended for a week.In the past 2weeks 2 teachers have walked out & the very popular Coach fired because he doesn't yell &belittle students as the administration does. Many teachers want to leave as well as many students.They are now accepting students that have been expelled from other schools.
I have been attending Imagine Prep since the 7th grade. I love how much the school has grown since I started. They have helped me take the courses that I needed to get into a good college. The support from the teachers is amazing.
Imagine Prep Superstition is an A+ rated school that specializes in STEM curriculum. It is available to grades 6-12 for enrollment. The teachers care for the students and help them do their best. Many teachers use project based learning with small groups, which help students improve important social skills. There are many extra curricular activities, including robotics and sports. The school also has a high college acceptance rate. I would recommend Imagine Prep Superstition for any STEM-focused students.
From the administration to the faculty, this school is fantastic! Our son transferred in his Junior year after struggling in a large high school. He is more focused and determined than ever before and he is obtaining grades that have never been seen on previous report cards. Thank you Imagine Prep for giving my son the confidence and support to succeed.
Imagine Prep at first is takes a little while to get use to but it is a great school. The school has a good education system which I personally like a lot. It isn't a big school so the classes are smaller and easier to learn in. The teachers are great and are good at teaching. They make sure that you know the material they are teaching.
The staff at IPS is supportive and works well together. The teachers care about the students and work tirelessly in order to help them succeed.
The teachers are dedicated to preparing students for the future. The school has grown, but the relationship and comradery among the students stays the same.
I had a child at Imagine Prep and it was a wonderful experience for him. He was somewhat socially awkward and had a troubled past before he came to me. Imagine welcomed him with open arms and made him feel at home. The smaller campus allowed him to blossom and he quickly made friends and had a great time. The teachers and other staff encourage him to be his best and helped him grow academically. It is a great school that has been rated nationally. He also joined several after school programs including basketball and they went far in post season to play. I would recommend Imagine to anyone that is looking for a smaller, more intimate school experience
Imagine Prep Superstition involves students in interactive activities and creating positive relationships between students and teachers.
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I truly enjoy working at the school at this school. The students are engaged and care about their education.
This is a pretty awesome place. Students and staff work together towards student success. Subjects are approached from different angles- hands on, project-based, power points, etc. Total buy-in by students and staff.
This is a school that truly cares about it's students and community. The programs are designed to ensure student success in both career and college. The teachers are highly communicative and always happy to help.
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