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I would like to see change in the fact that they just hire on everybody and months into the school year they don't have teachers so unqualified individuals step into sub and we never get real education. I never learned math while being at this school and it definitely needs to work on discipline
I enjoyed the focus on the arts programs, but the administration changing every year made it hard to be successful.
teachers are lazy during lunch fights and it's p bad. Pls improve this issue and I'll give better ratings.
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I loved the school itself and most of the staff and students, but the administration had a huge problem of firing or losing what many students believed to be the best and most helpful teachers.
As going to Imagine for almost all my life since 3rd grade to my upcoming senior year, there are many things that can be improved such as getting the teachers and students more involved in school spirit and getting teachers to be more involved in the student education and focus on if the student is learning things and not so much getting the passing grade. Imagine is a good school just needs more focus on certain areas .
I like the smallness of the school, but I wish it was a more stable school. The e turnover in teachers and administration each year is insane.
My Daughter Samantha Davis has been at Imagine going​ on three years now. She has been through a lot but after meeting g with Principal West, Mr. Margot and Mrs. DePrimo it was all taken care of and dealt with. Imagine has some awesome teachers and a they work really good with the students and care about their education. They work together to better educate the students.
I like how small the school is. I knew almost everybody and could recognize faces from every grade. There wasn't much stability, with teachers leaving every year, but it's a new school and still getting a good foundation. I think there could've been better communication between teachers and parents as well as between administration and the teachers. The sports programs were ill-funded but the coaches were great. We all did the best we could with what we had. The school has so much potential in the future, if they keep going strong.
We do not have a lot of extracurricular activities other than sports or the occasional tutoring group. Many of the clubs are not well advertised so if we had a club many of the students would not know. An example is I had no idea we had a chess club till the last week of school. I also was one of the leaders of our Anime Club and we did advertise a lot however most of the students either did not listen to the announcements or tore down our posters due to being shoved against the wall because of our cramped hallways.
In all honesty its just a school, I go get my education, go home and repeat. What made the school okay was the students. Most of the students are outgoing and they could either be extremely inappropriate and rude or some of the nicest people you will ever meet. No one at our school really has "School Pride" we are all just trying to have fun, we fail due to either budget reasons or the students are not motivated enough. Our staff does not really care as long as they don't have to be involved which they usually always do so in all honesty its just school, I go, get my work done, go home, and repeat.
I transfered to another school. I go to chs. Imagine is not your typical high school. They don't have that many clubs offered and its a pretty small school. There are so many more opportunities and different schools. admin is totally different than years ago, its not good. so many people from class transferred out because it just got bad. i am in so many different clubs, getting a good education (straight a's) and have had many different great opportunities going to a different school. I'm glad (like many others) that i left imagine!
I think this school is great because it is the perfect learning environment. The class sizes are small, which allows for more teacher-student one on one time. All of the teachers care about the students and desire to see them grow. There are many ways to get extra help, and the teachers are always willing to work with students. This school teaches character qualities that will help you grow for the rest of your life.
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