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Imagine International Academy of North Texas Reviews

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Imagine is a great school for those who truly love to learn. There are lots of unique opportunities for students to get involved with the school and local community and go beyond the curriculum. The teachers are there to help and the academics are strong. The sports program isn't very well developed; however, it is growing every year with teams winning state championships.
My school really is a community. With smaller class sizes and a larger focus on class and school bonding, I feel a connection to my school that my public school friends are envious of.

Imagine uses the IB curriculum, which is honestly useless until the Diploma Programme (11-12 grades) which teaches students how to write extended, thesis level research papers, how to take exams, write very good essays, give great presentations, and balance a heavy workload- all while encouraging well-roundedness and service. The school weighs art as a core subject, and 150 Creativity, Action, and Service hours are due by the end of the two years.

Going to my school is a struggle sometimes. The disorganization can be frustrating. Being at the same school as kindergartners can be frustrating. But all of this is not enough to outweigh the amazing education and community that it provides.
Imagine was one of the greatest experiences and i learned so much from the IB Programme. I can say that I am so prepared for college and future experiences.
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It did work well as a college prep school but has gone increasingly down hill. The advancement courses have been largely removed and multiple staff members have been fired for poor preformance.
The school is very unorganized. Most of the people in the administration seem to have a superiority complex and definitely play favorites. There have also been many cases of the school discriminating against gay and transgender students, so they're not really following their own policies of open-mindedness and respect. The facility is small, there is no auditorium or cafeteria, so lunch takes place in the small gym, and the fine arts just have to make it work. Many of the teachers are great, though there are a few that are rude and belittle students. The IB program seems promising, but the people in charge should not be allowed to run a school.
While a rigorous school it nurtures relationships with teachers that aren't usually possible in public schools. However, as a fairly young school, built on donations it does lack facilities, food and sports as other schools may have.
I liked that we were allowed the opportunity to do many projects and showcase our creativity. I also made many friends at Imagine that I am still friends with today. However, due to the administration and Imagine's lack of sports/school spirit, I did not want to attend high school there, and left after the 8th grade.
The Imagine International Academy of North Texas is a college preparatory school, equipped with a rigorous IB curriculum for students in grades K-12. The work is more challenging than that of a typical public school. The assignments often encourage creativity and critical thinking. Most teachers are strict but fair, and have very high expectations for each student. The school culture is healthy, and [in my grade, at least] there is little bullying.

However, the school's athletics program is not very high in quality (there are no football or soccer teams). Additionally, many of the facilities (such as the gym, bathrooms, and classrooms) are small and could use improvement. Furthermore, there is a LOT of stress for those in the higher grades (10-12, especially). At times, the workload is unreasonably difficult and time-consuming.

Despite its flaws, however, Imagine is doing very well in preparing me for the future.
We are grateful for Imagine, the teachers, and the staff and the experience we've had over the last 5 years at Imagine. Imagine has all 3 IB programs for elementary, middle school and high school. The curriculum prepares the students well for college, especially in math and writing.
I have attended Imagine International Academy since it opened in 2012. I am very grateful for the unique International Baccalaureate education that I have received from this school. I feel better equipped to handle the collegiate workload over a typical public high school student. Overall, Imagine's academic approach is outstanding and one of the best in North Texas.

In spite of Imagine being a brand new school, I would implement some clubs such as DECA and other clubs that other students could explore their interests in. In addition, I would like to see a more variety of athletics to attract more students to the Imagine community.
It's really just a very close-knit school with the small class and grade sizes, which makes it quite unique given the surrounding High Schools.
This school uses the International Baccalaureate curriculum and is academically challenging. There's a lot of course work but that's due to all the information that students have to learn, both what the State of Texas requires and what the IB requires. The teachers are great and care about the kids; the kids are open to working together to get through the schoolwork; every person here is unique and that is what makes this place great.
Absolutely one of the best schools in North Texas! The education goes above the norm to bring out the best in children's minds and talents!
Excellent school academically, but lacks in all other aspects. Very diverse compared to other schools in area and virtually no bullying. Kids are all academically strong and attend this school only for that aspect. Teachers are nothing special; its the curriculum that advances the students. Mostly gifted/talented students are interested in this school so the success rate is high. Very few parent volunteers even though school needs them badly. This is a public charter so no city funding. Few opportunities other than academics. Project-based learning. Very liberal school but conservative views are accepted. Administration will not baby parents or students. They will defend teachers without fairly listening to parental concerns. Lower grades very overcrowded. Little interest in grades 9-12; enrollment drops significantly.
This has been a wonderful school for both my kids! One has truly grasped the IB curriculum while the other has learned about how to deal with a learning disability and persevere.
I was a new student going into the DP and I was scared for my life at first, but after a few months of getting to know what goes on and how to handle everything, it turned out just fine. I now have lots of close friends and things are going by easily so far.
I think a greater variety of electives that could be offered would greatly strengthen the program. Also, I think that this school does a good job in preparing the students for college academically but doesn't offer the traditional high school experience.
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I have been at this school since day one. I have seen it develop, the progress it has made since year 1 is stupendous. The school community is good and getting better our principles and councilors value the students opinions and thoughts on the school before anything else, they may not be able to apply our opinions to the school but they take our personal opinions very seriously. However, there are not many extracurricular activities, this is because we our a collage preparatory based school that prepares us for collage. The teachers; these teachers value their subject and your knowledge on it more than anything. They help students individually sometimes so they may understand and improve in their class.
Yes there is uniforms, yes it is strict, yes there are punishments for not finishing homework.
In a couple years Imagine will become a great school, although it is not right now. I attended my freshman to junior year and it was very unorganized and all over the place. Most teacher did not even have a certificate to work for the subject. There was no diversity, no clubs or activities and it was overflowing with assignments and homework. It was not balanced out and was very stressful.
Imagine was definitely tough to get through, but compared to other public schools, I found that the education I received was much better than others in my area. Having finished my first semester of college after graduating from Imagine, I have found that the academic load of college is not as hard as what I thought it would have been. I definitely think Imagine prepared me academically for college. The IB Diploma is definitely worth all that it is talked up to be because I am on track to graduate a semester early from my University. If your child, or if you, are thinking about going to Imagine, ask to shadow one day and learn about the academic environment that Imagine has to offer. I highly recommend spending at least a year at the school if you can get in.
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