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Ilwaco Senior High School Reviews

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Depressed economy. There are a disproportionate amount of students using drugs. Aside from some of the more outspoken parents and the few bright stars this school suffers from being unable to motivate and inspire students to grow into something better than their surroundings.
Small town school, with small town views. Lots of focus on athletics. It has been a while since I have been at that school, but not sure that much has changed
I like how Ilwaco High School is inviting! As a whole they represent Ilwaco in a nice state of fashion.
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Teachers know what they are teaching! It's very important that teachers have a full understanding of what they are teaching and that they enjoy teaching it. For a teacher to properly teach a student to their full potential they need to build and develop a relationship, they do that here.
This school tried to accommodate everyone, from art club to soccer club there is something for everyone!
My experience at this school has been great! I have learned many important skills that will be useful to me when I enter the "real world". I have been involved in many opportunities that have been opened to me through the help of teachers.
Teachers are very engaging, the subject that they teach is something they are passionate about and make it very interesting for students.
Not many classes, but it's a small school
Counselors available; other health help not.
Little participation A few student doing everything.
Great environment. Much attitude improvement recently.
Most teachers are great and family-like.
the punishment isn't anything bad
the music program is never recognized, it's all about sports even though we suck..
I only notice that a few teacher actually teach, and the rest sit there and hand us a packet and don't teach us at all, they expect us to know it. we barely ever get help for those who need it, and alot of these teachers "favor" their students specific students.
I feel personally the school could do better by improving the teachers.

most of my teachers sit there, hand me and the other students a packet and say"do it"

they don't "teach us" they sit there and expect us to teach our selves!

i have been to 3 different high schools , they all do this! even when i was in grade school and middle school they do this, hand us a packet and then sit back down. WHAT HAPPENED to teaching their students! we are the future of this world, and they expect us to learn with out them??? sorry I came to this school for and education...
The food tastes alright, but the food options are limited. Because they need to be healthy.
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The rules that are implemented are straightforward and simple, but the application of them... Well it really depends on the teacher; the relationship you have with them and the mood that they are in. Sometimes we joke with the teacher and it's all fun and games, but other times a sarcastic comment is made and then the student is left with an office referral. But all in all, the administration is alright.
There are some people that I know that get bullied, though in small ways. It's more of an internal thing I think. If my friend is in a bad mental place and another slightly bullies then that bullying gets way out of proportion. And, as in any situation with people who love to see others chaos, there is drama. But other than that students are fairly nice and accepting of others. It really depends on the people though.
There wasn't a wide arrange of clubs, but of those that there were, there was a good number of students supporting them. Some clubs were in support of student support and involvement with hosted game nights and fundraisers to congratulate students for simply being students or working hard. Others were supportive of the arts and others were in support of sexuality. Though there was a limited array to chose, students and the ASB had them running smoothly.
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