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Illinois Valley High School Reviews

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I liked the overall atmosphere. The teachers were respectful, the curriculum was engaging, and the students were very friendly. Overall, its a good school to go to for a small town.
I liked how things were simple but felt that the school could work on more advanced academics and more discipline especially on the seniors so that they could be more college ready.
The school has a high teacher turn over rate, sometimes for good sometimes for worst. I have two siblings that have graduated from there and they had good staff at the time but then my freshmen year the staff started changing. I had to leave a quater into the school year because a teacher was playing anti military videos in freshmen forum. I came back my junior year because I heard he had left the school to go back to his home town and discovered the staff was going back to bwing good again.
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I like how the teachers are caring and will help you if you have any dilemmas ( this includes not schoolwork related issues.) I like my school, however: It is very small and the students there are very unorthodox and do not consider their surroundings while doing vile things.
Our teachers go above and beyond in every aspect.
The classes we get to take are mostly core and somewhat lacking in electives, but it's ok.
That is one thing, that keeps me hopeful. Good friends, good kids. Eager waiting, waiting for something, anything to happen.
Well everyone seems mature enough, and it is a small school. So nobody seems to bully.
As a person I try to feel positive and to emit it out to the people around me. Sometimes it's difficult, I mean it can be difficult to get up in the morning and go to a good school. Some kids don't know how lucky they are.
Overall I am very displeased with it.
Sometimes I feel many of the regulations are unnecessary, teachers and staff are just "Doing their job" not taking other things into account.
Against my better judgement, the athletics department is probably the shining symbol of our school. I could really care less being a music student.
It's mostly a personal opinion, as well as where I live. My school is poor and the district doesn't seem to care too much. I've been going to school here all my life and never seen a positive. Over the years its just been degrading more and more
I like to try new things, as much as possible. I like to reach out and meet new people, makes things interesting.
Many of our teams are very good due to our location
Air conditioning seems to be on even in the cold and the heating system was broken and evidently is not used due to money or still not maintained
Some experiences at this school were good but there are many drastic changes that should be made.
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Administration's presence in helpfulness and involvement is rarely upheld; however, a small amount of the teachers are very encouraging and helpful.
My school makes sure our high school is clean and up to standards.
Very little bullying and physical violence. School nurse can handle a lot. Low skipping school. Presence of marijuana.
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