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Illinois Valley Central High School Reviews

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I like attending Illinois Valley Central High School. The environment is nice and the classes are good. I only wish the students were more friendly.
Illinois Valley Central High School is an "okay" school. It is not the best school but it is not the worst. There is room for improvement.
The thing that I love most about Illinois Valley Central is all of the activities you can be in and the people that attend. I have learned that what you put into the school is what you get out of it. The more that I am involved, the more fun it is!
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The teachers put in their best effort and it truly shows. Teachers are constantly trying to adapt to the ever-changing technological advances of this day and age and due to the fact that Illinois Valley Central does use Chromebooks it is easy to incorporate technology in the classroom.
No school nurse if you feel sick they set a timer and only allow you to lie down for 30 minutes and the assistant principal was roughly 20 feet a way when a girl shoved another girl in the lockers and yelled profanities into her face and the assistant principal complimented the bully on her outfit and did nothing
There are not that many of very many people involved there at only3 member on student council that are planing and putting together the Prom this year
The kids do not care and the teachers let the children control the class preventing the students who want to learn from actually learning
They don't care about work load outside of their own class or anything happening out side of their class or school
I feel safe at all times but sometimes it feels like over kill with the student IDs, there are 600 students here. Everyone knows everyone. I mean the phrase, "-Insert Name-, where is your ID?" is a little silly. If you know my name why am I wearing a badge with it?
The sports at IVC are slowly decreasing, there are a few players on every team that are very committed and love their sport, but the majority seem to just be on the teams because that's what they've always done. They act like going to practice is a waste of time. Few of the coaches are genuinely liked and it seems like they easily get sucked into petty high school drama. But the ones that are are really great people who care about each individual athlete. The music department is incredible, its always been very strong and feels like a family. However, there is a massive divide between the "jocks" and the "geeks." Not that there isn't overlap between the two but neither groups support the other in any way.
IVC is overall a positive experience, the students are outgoing and fun, but there is a lack in school spirit that shows with the attendance at activities. By the second half of a football game the stands are empty and the sentence, "lol IVC sucks at everything" is not unheard. But there is an odd sense of community throughout Chillicothe that supports the school and keeps the clubs and music department strong.
Most teachers are passionate in what they're doing and genuinely care about the students, but some are obviously burnt out and make no attempt to hide it. But I think that is what you would expect with most public schools.
The student to are very passionate in the sport they play they try hard everytime amd never stop. And the coaches not only push you hard but also make sure you striving to your best and keep great player coach relationships.
The foods not too bad. I would say it's average. Everyday there's a main meal or you can choose to eat at the salad bar which offers salads and sandwiches. They also offer chips and other snacks
The school is not very diverse. A majority of students and faculty are Caucasian with a few students being African American, Hispanic, and Asian. The students and faculty do seem very accepting, however.
I didn't feel very prepared for college or the real world.
AP classes are great and really prepare you for the tests
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Do your work and your grade will reflect it
I wouldn't trade this experience for anything
Loved all of the honors/AP teachers
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