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Great, friendly environment. It prepares you very well for college, and the faculty/staff are very good and supportive. It is a very intimate learning environment. Small class sizes. Athletics are good, and due to small school, many opportunities to play in the sport.
Illinois Lutheran is focused on the following goals: Being Christ-Centered, Academic Excellence, Providing a Safe & Nurturing Environment, Providing a Loving Family Culture, and Providing Caring & Qualified Teachers. Illinois Lutheran continues to provide students with the necessarily skills to go onto the universities, colleges, and careers of their choice. Juniors and Seniors are invited to take only electives which maintain the requirements of the state, classes through the Area Lutheran High School Online Association, and classes through colleges like Bethany Lutheran College. The teachers are gifted in their subject area and provide assistance before and after school if the student needs assistance. The diversity continues to grow. The school culture is centered on Christ and focuses on character building through God's Word. Our teams and clubs are competitive. Several players have been recognized for their efforts and our Baseball Team won State in 2014.
Illinois Luthern high school is a faith based high school with a faculty and student body that is dedicated in each other’s success, via faith, academic’s and extracurricular activities.
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It wasn't a very great match for me. For starters when i went their all anybody did was play on their laptops. No one would really talk to the other races except for their own and their were hardly any other race except white. Their Teachers are very dull and act basically lazy. The one thing i did like was their religion teacher and the class even though they don't write anything down(they only use their laptops) it is very fun and the teachers keeps you awake. Overall it could use a lot of work.
Illinois Lutheran is family. As a family, they have high standards for each student and the teachers make every effort to assist those students who face academic and personal challenges with the resources that are available to them. They have co-curricular activities that provide additional growth for each student and their talents. The most important thing that is nurtured is the faith of each student in Christ. I am proud to send my three children to Illinois Lutheran where their faith in Christ continues to be strengthened and given a chance to be lived in action through the academics and co-curricular activities of Illinois Lutheran.
Teachers are great, but I have a feeling ILHS is starting to go under. They just got rid of all AP classes (except AP Spanish) due to low registration numbers, and there are still no art classes and very little music classes. But, the athletics program is quite strong and the math and science classes are very challenging.
I feel like I received a strong academic education. It was easy to get involved in a variety of clubs and sports. Having God as a daily part of my education has helped prepare me for my future.
Being a small school affords everyone the opportunity to be involved in any number of extra activities.
It was a decent experience. You do not get to meet too many people or too many different people. It's a lot of white kids that are christians.
Overall great place. The academics will prepare you very well for college. The faculty and staff are very intelligent and good Christian examples.
My high school experience was incredibly beneficial and very fulfilling. Illinois Lutheran's faculty and curriculum allows you to be involved in plenty of extra curriculars while excelling in advanced classes, as well. With it being a small school, even as a freshman you feel as if you are in a family. I couldn't have imagined going to any other high school
The school is incredibly racist. I seriously don't advise spending your hard earned money there. There are plenty of public schools in nearby towns that are far more accepting, diverse, and provide many amazing opportunities.
This school should offer more clubs so more students can get involved. Many students would like an art club, but there isn't one. This school doesn't even offer art classes. There should also be clubs to learn about other cultures. I believe students would benefit from academic clubs, such as science club or math club. There aren't really any other ways for students to get involved besides sports, music, or student council.
It is very difficult for new students. The school has certain criteria that needs to be met in order to graduate. This is very hard if you transferred. Also, most of the students have known each other for a very long time. At first, they seem friendly. However, they can be very judgmental and two-faced. The staff and students alike seem to question everything you do. Transfer students find it hard to fit in with the current group of students.
The teachers seem to favor some students over others.
During my first year attending Illinois Lutheran High School, I was a bit timid to say the least. I had never attended a school in which the diversity level was at an all time low. I was taken in with open arms by all of my teachers, just as any new student should be; but the students, who have all been attending the same school throughout their entire lives weren't as accepting. Not to say that was any racial profiling going on, but they weren't as sure about my being there as I was growing to become comfortable with them.

The athletic teams are great. I've been on the Varsity Cheerleading Team for going on 3 years now, and it couldn't be any better. While we are a small squad, we still manage to show that that fact is just merely as fact. I have also been on the softball team for going on 2 years. I have also enjoyed the teamwork and sportsmanship.

As far as academics go, coming from a public school, in which the grading system is a bit different than this of a private school setting, I was a bit thrown off during my first two years. Now that I am a junior, I have come to appreciate the grading system as it pushes me to do my best.