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Illini West High School Reviews

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I enjoyed how invested the teachers are in the students. You can see a vast majority of them truly care.
To me the school needs to be more involved with their students. Most kids are getting bullied about the smallest things and the won't do anything about it.
I would like to see a new building come in place in the upcoming years so all students can be in one building together. Also, I love the teachers and the work that they do to ensure student success. They give you all the tools you need for college.
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Illini West is an average high school. It does not really allow students to excel in a particular subject, as not many classes are available. I would like to see more options for students to have when taking STEM classes. Some teachers act as though they do not care about the students' well being and only want to get through the day.
Administration needs an overhaul. Teachers who have a spouse on the school board get away with absolute mistreatment of students they don't like. Kids struggle daily with simple tasks. The bullying is out of control. ... and the staff takes part in it!!!
I liked the enthusiasm toward student activities such as sports and the arts. I did not like how small it was and the lack of diversity.
Some things are in place but nothing is enforced
Sports are really the only after school activities
One of the teachers got investigated for sexual harassment and the principal got fired for changing grades
We don't have lock downs. but like 1 a year. And there are students who have drugs on them but the school doesn't do anything about it. We never have safety practices on whar we would do.
There is only a few that I know of.
I would not go to this school again, that is why I graduated early. Teacherso favor students. And all Illini West cares about is sports. They don't actually genuinely care about the students and how they feel.
There are some teachers who favor certain types of students. Like for instance, if you're an althetemail then they'llama be more likely to help you. Some teachers favor you by gender. Some teachers know what their doing when they teach.
The food was average. Usually, the meals were small but most people go off campus to eat. The quality of the food was about the same any other cafeteria food. I wouldn't expect anything less from a low budget public high school.
We rent the building from the primary school. there is too many people for our hallways and we have to go outside to trailers for some classes. The heating system is bad. The cooling is okay. The teachers and administrators are good. I would say our Principal is very good at what he does.
Our fields and gym aren't bad. Our bleachers in the gym are out dated. The weight room is well put together and our track is nice. We have a large amount of school- spirit i would say. Our football team has won 2 state championships.
Most teachers were helpful and understanding, but some were more tough than others. The scheduling process is a hassle every year, a lot of required classes are scheduled at the same time, so don't expect to get the schedule you want.
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The cafeteria is terrible. It's all frozen and canned food and the portions are way too small for high school students. One day I saw a cook clean up vomit with a paper towel and no gloves and went right be to the kitchen to serve food again.
Many classes are in trailers and you have to go outside to get to class no matter what the weather is like. The daily commute can also be terrible, up to 25 miles depending on where you live.
It is a consolidated district and the school board is constantly bickering and firing good teachers and coaches for personal reasons. The dress code isn't very strict but you have to listen to people complain about it every day anyway.
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