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When attending the school they said that they was a zero tolerance for bullying yet everyday there was bullying happening and the school said it was nothing but teasing
It is a decent school overall but with administration changing practically every year I think many students' educational careers suffered. Also, some of the surrounding school districts have a much more advanced curriculum and are a semester to a year ahead of IC.
Overall, all of the teachers here want you to succeed. If you need any help with any subject that you are enrolled in, the teachers are always open to helping out any student. Subjects get increasingly difficult throughout the four years that you are here, which is a nice transition into college classes. I feel that I am ready for whatever comes my way.
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I loved the culture and the involvement of the community. It is a very close-knit community with a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.
I've moved a lot and settled at one school for the rest of my years in school at IC when I was in 4th grade. I automatically made friends on the first day. The students and staff are very friendly and know what they are doing, of course, there are some days that they may be worm out but we've all been there and teachers aren't perfect. Food isn't bad, and classes are well organized. I do wish there was a little more offered but we do have a lot of options. There is drama, varying on what 'group' you are friends with. Drugs are somewhat common outside of school however. I tried to hit everything that people look at in a school.
This school is terrible for providing safety policies for those being bullied at the school. If it isn't caught on camera, the situation is ignored and not addressed for the student that is being bullied. Students constantly get into fights with other students and the bare minimum is done to rectify the situation. The school is terribly unsafe inside the building. The doors do not lock unless you go up to them in the classroom and lock them.
Very limited amount of extracurriculars. There extracurriculars that are supported are only Farming-related ones. After school activities have been cut back due to the lack of transportation the school (no longer supplies students rides home to neighboring towns from the main town). Administration is rarely supportive of extra-curricular actitivies and prefer that extracurriculars do not interfere with school days.
The overall experience at the school was awful. The school is way too focused on athletic school events more than anything else. They have cut back the art department so much that it barely exists in the school in any of the following forms (music, art, theatre). As a small rural school, there is so much focus in one club only, Future Farmers of America (FFA). All other clubs barely have a chance at raising funds or having any impact in the school environment.
The grading at the school is inconsistent when I attended there. You never knew when you were going to receive a grade for any assignment you did in most of the classes. While the teachers may help struggling students as best as able, most often they only help the students that they can connect to and have a connection with. It was very easy to get the teachers off topic for their subjects. All school work effort was focused for preparing for standardized tests and not for real-world applications.
Even though there isn't a ton of different sports, the ones we have are really great. There is great school spirit for every sport and everyone works very hard to do their best.
I really do love this school. It's going to be very hard to leave this year. It's a very small school and everybody knows everybody which I love. If I could do it all over again I would go back to this school. I've had a lot of great memories there.
The teachers at Illini Central all work very hard when doing their job. They help the students as best as they can, when a student asks for help. There has been a lot of teachers that leave and new ones that come in, but they all seem to fit in very well with the school and get along very well with the students.
We have lots of clubs to join.
We have plenty of classes to keep one entertained. It would be nice for some more though
When i was the new student I was immediately taken into a group that blended well with my personality and became my close friends. Everyone seems friends with almost everyone. There is however, some peer pressure and drama.
It could use some more help around the edges if you ask me health wise but we are pretty safe here, more than we realize.
The school could use more opportunities for their students but overall, their food is not horrible, the sports are fun, and the teachers and environment has been amazing since I came here about 7 years ago. Everyone experiences schools differently though.
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I moved to this school at the beginning of my eighth grade year and everyone was very welcoming. During high school, the best thing about this school is the teachers. They are very kind and never put you down.
At this school I have been one of the smarter ones, and therefore it was easier to get along with teachers. However, that does not make you very man friends at this school. The sports program for boys and girls offer equality in playing time and fairness. I would not have chosen this particular school for myself. I do not learn like everyone else, and that makes it a tad more difficult to learn from the teachers.
This school could definitely be better. The drama department could be improved a lot. We need more funding for the school in general.
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