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One thing that I liked about Illini Bluffs High School is the size because it made it easier to get help from the teachers. I also liked the library at Illini Bluffs because it is a great place to do your homework and focus. One thing that I would change at Illini Bluffs is how the administration had favorites. Unless you were on a sports team most of the administration did not pay much attention to you. I would also change the fact that the school does not have any diversity. There were a few racist incidents were no action was taken. We should teach more about culture so more kids can be educated.
I like how we have such a small school, and how our elementary, middle, and high school are all connected. Throughout high school I've learned how close knit we all really are from growing up together because most of the kids I started preschool with are the same ones I graduate with.
Illini Bluffs is a small school with low diversity with students and teachers. That becomes an issue because racism is prevalent in our school and it needs to be surveyed more closely. Illini Bluffs is very strong in sports/activities. It is highly encouraged to join an extracurricular activity. We try to enforce school spirit as much as possible so that the whole student body can participate in an event. We have so many events that we do around our school and it makes us engaged and we have a fun time! Every year before school, we get informed about Cyber Safety and how to protect ourselves of school shootings. Safety for everyone is the main goal at Illini Bluffs.
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I am going in to my senior year at Illini Bluffs High School, and there are many reasons why IB is a great school. Overall, our teachers are great people, and they care about your well being. We have two counselors, one for college readiness, and one for mental health. There isn’t really much opportunity at Illini Bluffs for AP and IB classes, in fact we only have one AP class, and no IB classes. There are enriched classes for English, but that’s all. The building itself is kind of old and decrepit, but the janitors keep it clean, and the school is working towards making it more functional. Each student is granted a laptop, because almost 90% of the schoolwork is online. Overall, Illini Bluffs is a close-knit, rural farm school, with great teachers and community.
Because the school is so small a lot of the teachers can be like a second parent to some of the students or just be a close friend. However, also because it is such a small school everybody knows everybody and bullying is a huge issue. Drug use is a huge problem. The school has no drug testing but really should. There is also a problem with students cheating on tests, exams, quizzes and homework. There are group chats where they all send each other answers and I have caught many of them cheating on tests and quizzes. I say nothing to the teachers because I had a friend who once reported people cheating and started receiving death threats from the students he had reported. But I do realize that if it wasn't for all the cheating that students like me who actually do their own work based off of their own knowledge would be in the top 10 and have much better chances for scholarships.
It is a small town school so you can really connect with everyone including teachers. By connecting with teachers you really get to know them and you can easily get extra help when needed. I have never had any issues with this school and it is excellent going here.
One thing I loved about my high school was that everybody knew everybody. Rather than passing by a new face every hour, I was familiar with both everyone around me and their families. Such a friendly high school allowed for the students to become more of a family than just classmates.
The education is nothing great and you have the same teachers every year with a little selection of classes to pick from
Some teachers try and help you, others don't care for the quality of their work.
Everyone at this school is so driven they unknowingly push others to do better.
The teachers at my school are very helpful and engaging!
I wouldn't choose this school again. But overall the people are very kind and generous. Although I am unable to stay afterschool, the teachers help to the best of their abilities during their class time. This would not be the school to learn at, but the type of school to make memories with. To make and break relationships and build the history with the teacher you've spend most of your school days with.
The size of our school allows the teachers to help the students that need that extra push. It also allows them talk to the girl who's upset over a boy, or the gentleman that is nervous over the basketball game that night. They are able to be their for us on a personal level.
Our school is VERY sports heavy, so a lot of the schools attention does go towards it, but we didn't even have a regulation track until this year, and its still being made.
Our school has an array of extracurriculars, and seeing as they are usually ran by the teachers, they are very freindly and inviting.
We usually have to fight for CHAIRS in the computer labs, and our "mobile lab" comes equipped with the slowest computers ever to exist, but other than that, we have no problem locating a computer or things of that nature.
We don't usually have issues, except for the occasional booty shorts, but when those situations come up, they are handled quite nicely.
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I guess I can't really blame the kitchen, due to the fact that the state requires them to keep the food at a healthy level, but I still can't ignore the fact that its occasionally the grossest meals ever. Some days it appears to be quite edible, while at other occasions, it looks like it could attack your face at any second.
We have an occasional issue, but we still get along. By that, I mean we still have a few cat fights here and there, and we have a couple boys fall in the with the same girl, but we are not home to the cliche clicks of high school. Everyone is friends with everybody, while still maintaining a group of close friends.
There's no fights at our school. A few slamming lockers and intense staring matches, but nothing serious. One kid got pregnant a few years ago. And there's no gangs in our area
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