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Illiana Christian High School Reviews

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Illiana is a small private school that provides community and relationships. The education I've received has been incredible, and I haven't had a teacher I didn't like yet. I would love to see more diversity in the school.
Since my daughter entered high school, she has found a new love for learning. The staff has shown her love and has made education exciting for her. I could never be more proud of her and our new family (Illiana Christian School)
Although I did not love highschool in general, I enjoyed Illiana Christian High school. They offer excellent academics, and an endless amount of clubs and activities. I honestly felt prepared when I entered college, and would send my kids to Illiana without a doubt. The diversity has come a long way, and I believe it will beome even greater throughout the years. The tight-knit community allows openness, and encourages students to go to teachers or councelors for help.
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I really love the positive environment and the way every person in the institution is looking after your success. They have guided me into a young, strong christian man and instill christian values that will carry on for a lifetime.
I enjoyed attending Illiana Christian, made wonderful friends, great teachers, and friendly staff. The clubs are a way to meet new people and our Volunteer Days were meaningful.
Illiana Christian High School is a place where I can say I thrived. The amount of opportunities where I could be involved was great. I had such a good experience and will miss all the friends I've made.
Teachers care for the students above and beyond what other schools have to offer. Not only in their field of teaching, but also spiritually, teachers assist their students in growing.
Illiana is an amazing school with education based on Christ. This school has been a blessing to me in multiple ways but most importantly it’s given me amazing friends and amazing teachers. At the end of the day the teachers want you to know Jesus.
Illiana was an ok school for me. Being a black student in a majority white school I didn’t fit in too much. Not because I wasn’t used to going to school with white people, it was because the whites weren’t open or friendly enough to talk to me because of my skin color. The classes were fine but I felt like they could’ve had more classes to offer, for example more honor classes that aren’t just for seniors. Since this is a private school, I pay tuition, but I don’t see where my money is going. They barely have heat and the ceiling are horrible. Other than that, my experience at Illiana Christian was ok but could’ve been better.
It is a really good school! The teachers have been immensely helpful in supporting my walk with God, and the student body is really encouraging!
More diversity in student body and staff. The music department was very good because we had an excellent band/ orchestra teacher.
Many students who attended Illiana came from middle school feeder schools so many friendships were already formed. I did not attend a feeder school, so finding my niche and fitting in was a little troublesome. High School can be a difficult time in itself.
ICHS has been a blessing to our family. We have had 3 children go through the school system, and we have our last child in the school now. ICHS has prepared our girls for college, where they all have received many scholarships to help with the cost of higher education. Teachers are always willing to help students with any help they need with their assignments.
Illiana Christian really prepares you for college and for the future. The teachers and staff are always willing to help the students in their academics or even in the students everyday life. The athletics and academics are really good. The students are really nice and are willing to listen to their peers for advice. Illiana provides a lot to the students, and it is appreciated a lot.
I like that Illiana focuses more so on academics rather than sports. I also like the fact that we have fundraisers for people that are sick or need help in the community.
My four years at Illiana Christian has been the greatest experience. The teachers pour so much into the students. Also, Illiana really emphasizes the christian part of Illiana Christian, and for that I am so thankful. The people and atmosphere is a place where I haved loved to be. Every part of Illiana has impacted me.
I liked the fact that I learned about Jesus in the Bible classes. I strongly disliked the students who were mostly racist and made me feel highly uncomfortable. You would think that if you went to a Christian school you wouldn't have to deal with this, but it's sad because I did have to deal with racism and it honestly ruined high school for me.
Illiana has shown me what it means to live in the world, but not of it. I have learned that who I am isn't defined by the things I do or the things I say, but rather by the One who created me. He designed me and defines me. I have learned so much through my math classes, science classes, art classes, and English classes that I see how every aspect of my life reflects Christ. I am here to serve Him and grow in the knowledge of Christ. Through my athletics, I have learned what teamwork truly means and how to support others, just like others have supported and guided me.
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Illiana is a small school, but the people there are nice. In athletics, everyone works hard because it's small. It has a wide range of classes like metal tech, electronics, sociology, accounting, etc. We have a bunch of different programs that give back to the community. In fact, we have a whole day of school in which all the students do community service. So overall, Illiana is a decent school and they're striving to do better.
I've gone the Illiana for nearly three years now and my experience has been pretty good. Like all schools, there are upsides and downsides. The downsides that I've come to know are the lack of air conditioning and the sometimes leaky roof (both of which will be replaced when the new school is built) A few upsides include the diversity of students and the variety of classes offered. Although I've learned a lot academically over the years, I think the most valuable part of the school is how much I've grown closer to Christ through my teachers and my classmates. On every couple Friday nights, Illiana hosts 'Praise Crowd' after a varsity basketball game where hundreds of students come into the chapel and worship God. It's truely amazing to experience.
I love the integration most teachers make of God’s word in classroom discussions. One thing that I would like to see change is a display of Christianity outside of class and chapel. This is mostly on the part of the students.
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