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Back then, Ilima Intermediate School was a great school. Those time when everyone was talking directly to each other rather than on their electronics. Majority of the students were in the stage of thinking more about themselves than the future. Fortunately, we have teachers and students' who may shared similar hobbies as you because middle schools are usually not at the stage of preparing for the society, but they can develop the idea of differences in identities, so communication is the key.
When I went to school at Ilima, the teachers really cared and helped me be involved with school activities.
We are unable to afford, technolgy for most of the classes, however in the computer labs and library we have, not the newest but relatively new Apple computers. We do have many inline courses and students are always trying to get into them however so many are trying to get in that there is a waiting list. However some classes that available online are also available during summerschool. It is managlable but it is up to the students to get the work done and put in the effort.
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We always have to have our IDs on us, that's teachers/staff and students. If there is a threat as soon as they hear about it a notice, letters and phone calls are sent to classrooms and to students homes. We have many security, they are armed and many of them work out in the morning for situations in which they may have to take someone down. We also have to wear a school dresstop so that they know you attend this school and are unable to view your ID from a distance. Even though we cannot afford many air conditioned classrooms, the Health room/Nurse's Office is very cool so students that are ill can feel comfortable when they come in. Also due to the lack of air conditions teachers and the school buy fans and some are also donated, we can also drink water in all our classes
There are so many extracurricular activities to do before and after school, and I've heard nothing but good reveiws about them. Everyone in my class, except for me, takes an extracurricular activity. I don't take one becuase I am in NJROTC which takes up even more time then an extracurricular activity, but it counts as a core class and I missed the tryouts for basketball. All of my teahcers except for one run a club or team like many teachers in our school, however some are run by students (advised by teahcers) but are juts as organized and interesting. There are clubs like Hiking Club, Anime Club, Japanese Club, Hawaiian Club, Robotics Club, ect. We also have not just the average sports teams but many unique ones like Color Gaurd (ROTC and regular), Bowling, Saber Seal Team, ect.
I would not doubt choose this school again. It can get challenging at times but that is how school is supposed to be. It is supposed to push us; that's what is going to prepare us for the real world. We are one of the best schools in the state (acedemics and other club or organization competitions), dispite having the largest amount of students in the whole state. We also have the best spirit (in my opinion), we have more than Spirit Week for example, which is my favorite event, and even though we don't have the most successful sports teams, the stands are always filled with students, teachers, and parents. I think what is so special about this school is the students themselves are unique and special in many different ways, for example, Bretman Rock a truely unique public figure (Youtuber, famous on the mainland as well) attends our school. Also we have very unique classes and a lot of them, many of the classes provide students with the experience they need to get well paying jobs after high school, even without a college degree. They also let us take free college classes, which we have many of, as well as AP classes. They also offer many scholarship opprotunities everyday on a bullentin we read in class every morning.
The teachers at my high school truely know what they are doing. That may seem odd to say about a teacher; some may think, "Well shouldn't all teachers know how to teacher?" but they really don't. At my old schools the teachers were just there to get the money, many didn't know anything about the subject they were teaching, and their teaching strategies weren't very broad. But the teachers at my high school are commited to their jobs and what they are teaching, and every student can tell that they care and want to be there. All my teachers know that people learn in different ways, so they customize their lessons so that ever student can learn the way that suits them the best. They make the classes extremely interesting too; whether its just their personality, doing interactive activities, or apply the lessons to real world situations we experience everyday. What surprised me the most was how much they care. They truely do. They never say anything to discourage us, they can tell when we are not in the best mood just by looking at us, and they help us as best as they can when we are struggling with a topic. What I love is that they all support a program called AVID (college prep class), not just becuase we are a demo school for that program but because they really beleive in its standards, strategies, and the way it helps students; they encourage and mention it in in many of their lessons. They have dramatically changed us for the better since the begging of the year, and this is only the second semester. They are the definition of effective teaching. Becuase of them we are prepared for our next chapter in high school, especially since they all take a little bit of time to counsel us on what classes we'll take, SATs, ACTs, ect. One of my teachers has gotten much praise, many awards for her teaching,and has taught almost all of the past valedictorians in the past 20 years. These are just the freshman teachers and I've heard better things about the higher level teachers.
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