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iLEAD Lancaster Charter School Reviews

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My learners have shown tremendous educational and social emotional growth. My B is challenged and is very advanced yet is able to stay with his classmates and be met at his advanced level so he always feels pushed to be as successful as he can be. My free spirited G has learned to be self directed and that she is very smart. She has found her voice and has learned to lead first you must follow. She is learning the 7 habits and how to be kind. My other G has social emotional issues and she is always supported and nurtured. Not isolated and taken out of class, She is making great progress. We use the 7 habits at home and now my children are proactive about completing tasks. iLEAD encourages them to be entrepreneurs and they have both started small businesses. Watching their determination to be strong, smart, encouraging members of society makes me look happily toward our future. It will be little brighter now that we've found iLEAD!
Do NOT place your kids at this school under any circumstances!! The school is a joke! The "academics" are non exsistant and 95% of the children who attend this "school" should be in a reform school instead. It's nuts! The kids are allowed to basically do whatever they want. They leave the classroom and the teachers don't even know. I went to visit my child's classroom and the teacher had no idea where my child was. We were looking around campus come to find her "hanging out" outside with some boys with NO adult supervision. Then when I asked for a progress report so I could transfer my daughter the teacher said they don't have grades or progress reports! WTF! I don't know how this is considered a school. It's a joke! I'm sad for the children who attend this school. I hope these parents wake up!!!
It's great that they have a school nurse on site.
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My kids love doing art, dance and foreign language.
The school is always sending kids on fun field trips. There are many opportunities for parents to be active at the school.
The teachers do a great job of communicating with parents. The teachers care about their students and present lessons in a fun and creative way.
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