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I enjoyed my freshman year here and had great friends. Everyone here was accepting and open about a lot of things. Maybe I didn't know everything that was going on, but what I saw was good. The Extracurricular coaches are all great! I was a part of speech, choir, band, quizbowl, musical, and play.
The school is very well supported by the community. I would have liked to have been more challenged and more prepared for college with more opportunities.
The teachers care about their students. Some just care more about extracurricular activities more.
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Many younger kids with athsma are expected to run without inhalors and are later shamed for it. There has been incidents with one child almost 3 times in this school where he was transported to the ER because he was told he shouldn't be so dependent on his inhalor by the gym teacher. Bullying is only considered bullying if you fill out a stack of papers to press charges. Nothing else is really done. Other than that, its okay.
There are many different types of extracurricular activities in this school:choir, band, large group and individual speech, volley ball, football, basketball, cross country, track, and quiz bowl. I wish we had soccer or another sport that other people may enjoy.
It has it's ups and downs. Some days are not as good as others and vice versa. The only reason I wouldn't choose other schools is because I don't want a huge school, I don't like many people. And, some of the teachers there help me not through just school, but through life events. They are understanding.
Many of my teachers are always willing to help me in my classes. Some could care less. I have a really close relationship with many of my teachers and they are always willing to help however they can. That is what I love.
Everyone at our school supports one another. If your parents don't show up to your volleyball game, your track meet, football game, or whatever else you may be doing. You don't have to worry about no one cheering for you. There is always a huge group of parents as well as community members that come out to support our teams.
Teachers at my school make learning easy. They are very like able and easy going. Some are easier to talk to than others, but they are all very kind. I wouldn't want to go to school anywhere else.
I've moved 14 times. I got into the routine of finding the people I knew that I'd get along with, and each school fell into the same category. They were all very cliquish, with their athletics, and artsy people, but then I started attending IKM-Manning High School. This school has been such a great experience, most students appreciate everyone's input, and everyone tries to get along. There is respect in most classrooms, and the ones with out is because the teacher is to much of a "friend". This school changed my thoughts about high school, it doesn't have your usual groups of people. Athletes, are in drama; drama kids are athletic, everyone gets along. It's refreshing.
The doors to the school are locked a few minutes after the bell rings signaling that classes have started. To get in after that a person must ring a button outside and has to be buzzed in. They then have to sign in when they come. Anyone leaving the building must also sign out. All teachers doors are locked at all times, and most are closed at all times. The school is safe from an outside person coming in, but there are some kids who worry me sometimes that they might come in guns blazing and shoot our school down. But that is mainly because of bullying. Bullying is terrible at my school and I happen to be a victim of it. There have been fights that have broken out because of bullying. Overall that aspect is just awful.
Really my school's main focus is sports. Hey sports have some new jersey's, hey sports have some new balls, hey sports have a new club house. When it comes down to the fine arts, my school sucks. Oh band you need a new instrument? Nope buy it yourself. Art classes need new paints and glazes, nah lets just give more money to sports and have the art teacher buy the art supplies. The people who show up for athletic activities are always more plentiful and more excited than those who show up for fine arts activities.
One of my favorite things about school is being apart of the band but my teacher makes it the absolute worst thing ever. He hardly ever listens to our ideas and then sits there and wonders why people quit. I have a few favorite teachers here but they all tend to show favoritism towards students which makes it unfair. I love being able to participate in speech because I get to go meet new people who are not from my school. The students here are down right rude. They will sit in class, make inappropriate noises, rude comments, and harass the teachers. My school is a huge popularity contest. If you're not popular than good luck getting noticed for anything. I would never choose this school again and I would not wish it on my worst enemy.
The teachers are okay. Some get way too off topic, some let the students continuously talk, some try to be strict but it fails because the students at my school are idiots. I think some of the teachers should get better at controlling the class room. There is no reason for some of the conversations we have during the school day. I would personally like to learn and get done with school as fast as I can but it is hard when the teachers get distracted.
The IKM-Manning school is a great place to attend. The school is small making it easier to get a good education. You receive a good amount of one on one time with the teachers and they do a good job helping you understand the material. The majority of the facility is understanding and easy to get along with; there are only a few teachers that I dislike but they still give us the education we need. Our school is actively involved in many activities: sports, speech, band, music. The only think that I dislike about this school is our principal and the nasty school lunches. If I had to restart high school over I would choose to come back here to IKM-Manning because of the facility, good education you receive, and there are many things that I can participate in.
Favoritism is very common at my school.
We have had a great experience here. we came when the grirls were in 5th grade and the transition was smooth
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Overall good experience at this school
I would recommend IKM-Manning to anyone.
Our food isn't very good.
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