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IHSCA (Instituto Health Sciences Career Academy) Charter High School Reviews

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The teachers are helpful to students they actually care about them. There's a lot of internships you can do. I feel pretty safe in this school.
My academic experience here at IHSCA has been great. The classes are 80 minutes long and I believe that is a good thing because its more time for learning. We have a total of 5 classes but we learn alot in them. Theres classes like AVID that helps you be prepared for college. I think its a good school because it helps out a lot. The advisors and staff are friendly.
My experience in this school was a challenge, but this school was also an amazing experience. I met all my friends and found what I want to do in life. All the staff were very helpful and are always there for you when you need it. The rules are pretty easy to follow. The classes are long and interesting. You learn a lot and with that the years go by so fast. In conclusion, it’s a good school to get your medical career or other.
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At IHSCA i have learned alot with the help of my teachers that they really teach well and if we need help they are there to help us and so is our councilor Mr.Alvarez who is always looking after us and offering us his help in anything i wouldnt change my school love it since my freshman year hope not to move out of town and Graduate with my fellow class mates . Have alot of relatives in this school its an awesome school anyone would love to come to this school.
My experience in IHSCA has been like a roller coaster. At some points, I liked it, and at some points, I didn't.
As of now I am half way through my highschool experience and it has been a great journey. I feel comfortable in my classes and my counselor is always making sure I am in the right classes. Not too easy but yet also challenge me. Ihsca is a really clean building and they have brought me much help so I can make my final decision into attending the college that I would desire to attend.
I think it's an average school because the diversity is minimal. But it's also a school that highlights hispanic culture. They do this by having Spanish required for the four years of attendance. The bad thing about this is that this is the only foreign language that's available
As a junior in IHSCA, for the past 3 years, my experience has been great. The students, teachers, and staff are very friendly here. There are many classes that we take throughout the years. There are classes that prepare you for college like AP and AVID classes. We have clubs and programs that are open for students and parents. The food here can be improved. I’ve met new and old friends here,I have learned things, and have recieved opportunities for my well being, which is great.
This school overall is a decent school. It could use some work on the academics and resources provided to the students.
First off, my experience at IHSCA has been an interesting one, because it is the school where I officially graduate from soon. Also, what I find beneficial from this school is opportunities. It doesn't just go for me as a student their, however, most students in this academy will be proactive and focus on their academics first. I would not make any changes to this academy. IHSCA is a good school to teach, educate, and learn more about yourself in ways you never experienced.
I like that IHSCA's teachers are very focused on helping students succeed and preparing them for the future. The school is clean and well maintained.
I enjoyed the fact that I got to meet many good people who are every close to me. I also enjoy the fact that they have the AP classes and college credit courses.
IHSCA is a great high school. The staff is great, they all work well with the students. The sports teams are amazing. They have basketball, baseball, softball, soccer, tennis, and volleyball.
IHSCA gave students to the opportunity of meeting new people and the school makes you feel welcomed. Theres a class called AVID where students are getting prepared for college, how to be organized etc. The school has a lot of after school programs students can attend to be involved in something instead of sitting around at home. over the summer IHSCA gives students the opportunity of working in a park district to know how it feels to work and gain experience in the work field.
IHSCA is a very good high school that does it's best to prepare students for college, as well as the "real world" after high school. All teachers I have had in the past and the present truly care about the students and do everything they can to make sure they understand the cirriculum. This school is also a very good one to go to if you plan to pursue a career in the health field, as there are plenty of resources and programs to help you get there.
I like the resources they have. The opportunities they have are great. The teachers are helpful and they try to make sure you pass your classes. The extracurricular activities are good. They help students be themselves, and makes them feel good about themselves. Anyone in the school can be themselves without people judging.
Institute Health Science & Career Academy is a fairly new charter school. Instituto has a mission to give hispanic people a gateway to an education so they could contribute to the growing demand needed in healthcare for people who speak both english and Spanish. The school culture at IHSCA is growing but it lacks in certain areas such as sports since the school doesn't own a gym. The students of IHSCA are really friendly but the school lacks diversity heavily with a hispanic percentage of about 95%. IHSCA has such great potential but has lots of feats to overcome before it can become a true grade A school.
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Don’t have much to say about the new teachers since I never had them. But the teachers I had were great, very few left that actually teach us a proper education with care and passion. This school needs to learn how to cooperate with students and teachers.
What I like about IHSCA is that they provide advanced classes to students. I really like this because I believe that it helps more students to get a feel about how college is going to be. What I would like to see a change at IHSCA is the lunches. They have to get better at that.
IHSCA is an excellent option for those going into the medical field. They offer great opportunities such as internships and programs. IHSCA does lack certain sports and activities that you would see at other schools, but they try to make up for it by building a lot of school spirit. I would recommend IHSCA for students that know exactly where they want to be in terms of career.
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