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iHigh allowed me to continue my high school education while also managing my health and chasing my passions. iHigh gave me more support and excellence than I ever would have dreamed of.
There are regular health services, and safety is perfect because everyone needs an ID, and sign in is required. However, this is a virtual online-type school, so we hardly stay in school all day every day. Hence, I think there is enough security to keep us safe.
This school was probably the best thing to happen to me these past two years. As someone with depression and anxiety issues, I can personally say that it is true there is heavy stigma on mental illness especially in school. In the high school I used to attend, some teachers and staff members would simply dismiss my mental illness. They would say things like, "You look perfectly fine to me." At iHigh, teachers and staff alike know people go through things. They understand how mental illness can affect student dynamic, and they try to work with us to help us succeed. The best part of this place is that school is online. I always have access to how on track I am and what grades I have. I can work at my own pace, independently. It makes me feel more productive but at the same time a lot less pressured than at regular high school.
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The teachers I have had so far are pretty amazing. They look out for how I am doing with my courses and ask questions to help me better analyze my work and assignments. Even though classwork is virtual, they are usually available and ready to help me with anything I may be having trouble with. They are also super friendly and very comprehensive.
Teachers take too long to grande papers and to change your grades they should work faster
use of technology is good; facilities good; guidance counselor strong
Essentially, one-on-one learning with many of my classes/teachers. I loved the individualized learning experience.
Student government is the main extracurricular activity that is part of iHigh. But we did run numerous activities and events throughout the school year to engage with other students.
Being an online/blended environment, there is a wide variety of students at iHigh. I like the mix of students, it allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and form friendships I likely would not have made at a traditional high school.
I'm attending my top choice school, so I'm pretty satisfied with my post-grad experience
Meeting with teachers, counselors, and principal is easy. The staff is very accessible and willing to help students in any way possible
Overall, the school is wonderful. The staff are kind and involved. Finishing high school has never been so flexible and stress free. They provide resources for every individual student's needs. The school is simply a great place for kids with needs like me.
I don't use up much resources except computers and food. They provide me with information for shelters, food, transportation. If I ask, the counselors act right away to provide me with my needs.
I hardly know any one here but from what I see, some of these kids come from bad homes. Some are minorities such as gay and lesbian. The whole concept of online schooling allows you to come to campus in pajamas and it won't matter because you see these kids once every other week. There is no peer pressure to succumb to.
The teachers are the kindest and most genuine I've met so far. They are constantly checking up on me and my home situation. They provide me with any resources I need to be okay.
The teachers here are caring, hardworking, and consistent with grading. They are always checking their email and contacting me to see if I need help, it's great!
You can do anything you want at this school. There is probably hundreds of different classes offered at this school. It really is great.
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You can wear just about whatever you want at this school within reason. The only slight issue would be that you're required to have a school lanyard on you. You do not even have to wear it, it could just be in your bag or pocket and you're fine.
I'm not really aware of after school activities that this school has. I do know however that a lot of my peers participate in sports that are not associated with my school. The technology is state of the art and the only complaint i have about the buildings is I usually do not agree with the temperature. But that's no big deal. The counselors are always an email away and they check their mail frequently.
The social scene is only there if you want it to be. You really get the chance to focus on your work if you do not talk to anybody and most times that I'm on campus there is only about four other students on campus. I face absolutely no peer pressure of any kind from this school and I love it.
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