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I loved everything about this high school. The teachers and staff helped you beyond explanation and they are kind and compassionate people! The sports teams are improving and you can really tell the people here care about one another. If they didn't offer a class at the High School, they would find a class you were interested in and enroll you in that one. I will definitely bring my kids here when that time comes.
We have the best athletics in the area
I really did like the town ignacio
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I believe that the teachers in ignacio genuinely care about the students and the students life's out side of school.
I have attended Ignacio High School for all four years of high school. I absolutely love it. One of the many perks is that it is a small school, about 250 students. Many people would say that they don't like small schools, I however do. It's great because everyone knows each other. If you need help with something everyone is friendly and willing to help. Ignacio is a very tri-cultutral school and is located on the Southern Ute reservation. The teachers at the school care about each and every student. The teachers continue to challenge and push each student everyday. If I had the chance to choose a different school, I would stay with Ignacio, hands down.
Everything about this school is great, but there are many things wrong with this school. The seniors have been around the longest and we've experienced the most. One of my favorite experiences was getting a new school. This year, my last year is nice. The whole high school moved into the new high school, and it's very nice. Yes, I'd love to come back to this school and enjoy the high school another year.
The extra activities are very good if related sports. Otherwise there are only a handful and the musical program is very small along with the art programs in general
Most teachers were amazing. Not only did they do the work they were suppose to but they tried to go more in depth with it all, relate it to the present time and still make it fun
Outdoor fields and areas are exceptional but the wrestling room, music building, wood shop, Agriculture building and welding building all had obvious use. Not dangerous but not pristine either
It's a tight knit community that doesn't accept outsiders unless you're near copies to them. While the teachers and a few kids may be open others put their noses right up
Never had a bomb threat but practiced safety measures such as lockdown and fire drill. Lock down, be it for criminals or wild animals and for practice, was taken seriously as were fire drills. However class rooms were not always monitored or locked
It was fine for being a small town school with graduating classes of twenty give or take. However saying that it was still not "Top notch "
School staff was exceptional aside from a handful but one has a few of those at any school. Rules were fair and orderly but at times when punishing the school as a whole for one person's deeds, that was uncalled for
Bullying is supposed to be not tolerated but I think that some of the bullying was overlooked because of who was doing the bullying. I was picked on nothing was ever done till I stood up for myself. I didn't get suspended for a couple of days but I never was picked on again. But that didn't happen for my brother. He was picked by the same person and he tried standing up for himself and because of who was doing the bullying my brother hadn't nothing but problems after that. So I guess the bullying policy is there it just depends on who is doing the bullying and who is being bullied.
You had teachers that ranged from excellent that the kids loved and respected and enjoyed their teaching to teachers that were just awful. I was pretty lucky with all my teachers my mom was pretty active in making sure that I got the best teachers for my learning disabilities. I
had a hard time with reading. I think the problem was they didn't test me to see why I was having problems. They were always changes the curriculum and the books they used. So I was always learning a new way and I just got totally confused. My mom finally got me a tutor and she took me back to the beginning a came forward and when I graduated I was almost up to grade level in my reading. So for the most part the teachers were good. I can say that some of my teachers will be long time friends others will be forgotten.
I think the food was just normal. It didn't vary from week to week very much. I heard that this past summer the cooks when on some learning thing to cook to make better appealing foods. So maybe the menus will have more variety and more healthier choices.
I was in FFA. I know that we had other clubs but I wasn't interested in any of them. I think for the most part the administration was supportive of the clubs, The only thing that I found wrong with the support is that the coaches were very supportive of your interests outside of there sport. So if you wanted to go on an FFA trip they made it really hard for you and if you still went on that trip you would get to play like you were when you got back like if you always started you wouldn't start or you would get to play your first game back things like that. And I only know of a few times that happened. Because you learned after awhile you had to choose your sport over other interests. which I strongly disagree with that. But for the most part there was support.
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I have always been ready for college and new where I wanted to go and what I wanted to be or do. I have always wanted to be a teacher which is my top priority but I also love my horses. I chose the college that I am at just for those reasons. I can study to be a teacher right along with studying to barn management. I don't know how my high school prepared my for college I prepared myself I think. I studied hard in High School because I knew hard it was going to be for me in College. I know that some school counselors at other schools would do a lot more for their students then mine did. They would have to take certain classes and even had chances at taking some college classes. I was never given that opportunity.
We had a tri ethnic community at my high school where I was the minority. The American Indians where the majority then the Spanish came in second. My school was on the Southern Ute Indian Reservation and the town of Ignacio. I was lucky and had friends within all the races. The Tribe supported all races. The tribal members were given extra incentives which I feel was okay. Some people didn't feel that way but my family was okay with it. My mom has worked for the tribe all my life so I guess that is why I felt it was okay.

There were a few students the showed there individualism by coloring there hair different colors, some were gothic, and some showed the sexual orientation. Which fit in with everything else at our school.
I liked my High school and the friends that I made there. I went to school with most of them all my life. Because it was a small school made it good for me. The classes where smaller and I got the help that I need to succeed. If I had gone to a larger school I might have slipped through the cracks and wouldn't be where I am today.
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