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They offer a variety of classes not usually found in brick and mortar schools. The online setting allows more flexibility in your personal life and all of the teachers and staff are very nice and supportive.
What I like about iForward is the welcoming teachers and helpful staff, the sites given are very easy to access and if you are ever confused or need help there's always someone ready to assist you. I feel very comfortable and encouraged at iForward, ever since I started at this online school my grades have all been A's and I'm doing my very best. I wouldn't change anything.
My time at iForward online school has been a wonderful experience. I joined when I was in seventh grade and am now a senior, and I haven't once regretted my decision. The teachers and staff are dedicated to student success, and many of them are willing to go above and beyond in order for students to walk across the stage at graduation. The idea that being at an online school is isolating simply isn't true at iForward; there are plenty of clubs and student organizations available along with social meetings around the state several times a year. It really is a high school worth attending.
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I had a lot of difficulties going to public school so being able to go to iforward online is amazing. A lot of the students going to iforward probably could not have graduated without this alternative schooling. Iforward offers the same courses as public schools and even more clubs! Even though you never get to meet your teachers and classmates face to face, they are still always willing to help someone in need. The mandatory senior iforward course is amazing at preparing seniors for college. They help you compare colleges, pick a career, and teach you how to write resumes and cover letters. We even get to do volunteer community service which was way more fun than anyone expected it to be!
All in all, it's average. Most of the staff and teachers are nice, but some can be very rude; and decide if they like you by if you believe in the same things that they do.
Awesome teachers and an even better principle. Mr. Beesley is always easy to contact and willing to help. Great variety of classes.
I went to iForward my whole senior year and graduated with them as well. I had such an amazing and priceless experience! All the teachers are such dedicated and amazing human beings and so is Mr. and Mrs. Beesley! They really helped me through health struggles and academic struggles that I might have been having at any certain time. The diverse online experience was honestly the best thing that could have ever happened to me.
I loved and enjoyed all of my classes here! I also love that you can do your homework some what at your own pace and on your own time. I would highly recommend to anyone who is interested in going to an online high school!
It is an awesome school where the teachers, principle and rest of the staff truly care about the students. Have never experienced such a caring environment and it shows int he success of their students. Their opportunities are endless and everyone is open to new ideas to grow the extracurricular activities. Mr. B is an awesome principle and whenever he is around - everyone has fun even if it is mandatory tesing day!
Iforward helped me get my grades back on track. Not only is the pace really good for me, but the teachers and principle are so welcoming and care about not only your education, but you're family and friend life. They treat you like family at Iforward, and do whatever it takes to help you succeed in school and further in life.
The teachers at iForward go out of their ways to make sure their students are reaching the highest grade in their class that they can manage. Most of the classes are discussion based, and since it's an online school, the teachers are good at keeping the lessons lively with videos, fun PowerPoints, and even games that help us study. They take time after class to email you on your progress, voice their concerns, or even give us tips for up coming exams or quizzes.
The Academics in this school is the best i have seen out of a lot of schools in Wisconsin and even in the other states. The teachers are wonderful, and stop at nothing to see you succeed. The curriculum is also amazing as there are so many choices. The scheduling process is easy and the workload is manageable. At iForward, each class is a semester long class put into a quarter, so we usually only have 3 or 4 classes a quarter, because of more homework in each class. Because of this i have been able to get ahead in my classes, and i am now able to be done with school a quarter early! This school truly is amazing, and i would recommend it to anyone.
IForward offers so many great clubs. Students and teachers both pick clubs, so there are a lot of variety. There is drama club, which the students are so committed and do great. Art club is great, and fun, relaxed and overall a great club. There is a outdoors club, which they meet and explore the outdoors. The most popular club options are probably Drama club and Art club, but there are tons to choose from!
I came to iForward my sophomore year, when i was struggling with clinical depression, and also bullying from my old school. Right away the teachers there sent me emails welcoming me, and talking about how excited they were to get to know me. Right away i started making friends. I have not met one person from iForward that wasn't kind and caring. When i explained why i switched to iForward in a class one day, i got a flood of messages with support and saying how i could come to all of them with any questions or just for someone to talk to. not only students were messaging me with that but teachers.

I would like to talk about one teacher in particular. She was my teacher for one of the first classes i had at iForward. Biology. She made biology fun, exciting, and would come to class with stories every day to tell us. She would always stay after class to help us any way she can, and devoted all her time to us. She is caring, wonderful, funny and very intelligent. I had her again this year for my Senior year for veterinary science. I took the time to personally thank her one day for all she does, and she said my email had meant a great deal to her. I can not wait to finally meet her at graduation in June.

If i had the chance to do this school all over again, I would defiantly ask my mom to let me join sooner than 10th grade. This school is the best thing that has happened to my Educational career.
The teachers at iForward Online charter school are absolutely amazing. There are not enough encouraging words to describe them. Each teacher i have had here are hard working, kind, and will stop at nothing to help you succeed. These teachers interact with students in class, and are very knowledgeable. They go above and beyond to help you. If you are a student who needs extra help, these teachers will take time out of their busy schedule to help you either right after class of at a later time. They are not only my teachers, but i feel like i can go to them with anything, personal or educational.
I'm not part of any of the after school activities but they seem to be really cool!!
Every one there is great! You get the help you need whenever you need it.
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