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Idyllwilde Elementary School Reviews

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we keep in touch with nature , this is absolutely important to me and to Idylwildes community because we respect mother earth , we learn about nature and we also explore are natural habitats this gives us a chance to value and be more aware of how beautiful nature is and how we can save it. All of the extra curriculum activities are made just for uniting out community and keeping in touch with other students from lower or higher levels this helps create a healthy environment.
this school is so loving to students that the main message is to live in community and be better with others, I have learned to help others and not make fun of them or give make back , its incredible how in this school theirs no such thing as bullying but excessive comprehensiveness and love for other
love is what makes this school unique , because teachers put their hearts into what they do , all of them , they are always there to understand and hep others , community wise we all stick together because that is what they have planted in our hearts to love and respect others no matter what.
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teacher at this school are so kind and go above and beyond to make every students life happy while in school. the solve problems easily always looking for a happy ending, making children bond together for a healthy happy community . they are truly dedicated to their jobs and its admirable how they keep up with so much and at the same time make terms so easy and learning. i truly appreciate the staff from this school they all put a piece of their hearts to make this place as it is.
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