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Idyllwild Arts is amazing at first sight, but once you go into the atmosphere, you see that it is a corrupt, non-friendly, and absolutely terrible environment. The students are divided up into classes which is based off of their major, their prefect status, and their likability by the teachers. The academic teachers are incredible, while most of the arts teachers deny help and will refuse help. The administration is absolutely terrible, and do not care about the well being of the student. Idyllwild Arts is a terrible community that you shouldn’t attend. There is a small group of students that love it, and those are the students that are loved by the teachers, treated differently, and given awards. Those are the students that myself and many other students have been bullied by. Do not attend this school as it is a waste of your money. Go to a school that will not do anything to take your money, and will benefit every dollar towards the nurture of your kid’s well being and education.
I am very glad that I did choose to go to the school because even though it has challenged me a lot, the experience has taught me a lot and thankfully, made me grow up a little bit faster.
I am currently a four year senior at Idyllwild Arts Academy. I have been coming to the summer programs at this academy since I was 8 years old, and I can proudly say that IAA has propelled me to reach new levels of my potential. This community has brought to me a sense of family when I didn't feel at home, and a sense of support when I wasn't doing my best. Through my many trials and tribulations at this school, I know that I have grown, and learned so much from my teachers, advisors, and peers. Although I have found this community very unique, and supportive I have also found that it can be very isolating and discouraging. This school is no walk in the park, and it is not supposed to be. People come to this school because they know who they are and they want to form the skills to be able to show that to the world. People who work, and are passionate about what they do, is what this school creates.
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It's a beautiful campus that leaves you with amazing memories that will last for a lifetime. I was fortunate enough to have spent my last two years of high school there. I recommend anyone to apply and check it out. You won't regret it!
I love the dynamic and artistic culture of Idyllwild arts academy. It’s beautiful to see people from all over the world doing there art intensively. I would like to see the food get a little better for the boarding students
IAA invited my son into an academic and artistic community, comprised of faculty, staff and students communicating in a wide variety of languages, reflecting real diversity from around the world and within academic and artistic disciplines. While giving my son clear and rigorous guidance on the fundamentals and the incremental steps required to master any particular academic or artistic competence, he was encouraged to explore and take risks within his studies and projects. He learned and developed confidence in and out of the studio and classroom, through which experiences he developed resilience, when he fell short or erred on his path towards his goals. The administration provided structure and rules, with clear communication and warmth and nuance, as needed. His teachers held him accountable when he needed a check and built an independent path for enriched study in areas when he wanted to reach further.
My son had a great experience in Idyllwild Arts Academy, he could focus on academics and the arts at the same time. He had good grades and learned a lot about the arts and himself. He developed self discipline, and enjoyed meeting people from all over. Teachers are involved and dedicated, the administration is responsive. The school provided the resources and support to develop the knowledge and skills to apply to any Art program or any program in general. Idyllwild Art academy was a great experience for all the family, I'm very happy he had the opportunity to attend.
We sent out daughter to pursue her musical dreams and couldn't be happier with the outcome. What we didn't know was that it would be a great academic experience for her, too. I also love that she was able to take this interim step (boarding school) towards responsibility and independence (university) while at the same time still having a great safety net. I don't think anything could have prepared her better for heading off to college.

I had the opportunity to live in Idyllwild when she first started school, then she became a boarding student. In my time living there, I got to see how invested everyone at IAA is in the students' growth and well-being. I knew she was in great hands when I moved her into the dorms!
There are some great things about IAA and some rather poor things.

The arts programs are great. Student's definitely get great artistic training and make remarkable progress. There is a wonderful, diverse mix of talented students who really encourage each other's creative growth. I think for creative students, IAA is a remarkable place.

The academics are hit and miss. There are some excellent teachers. But there is a lot of turnover, so you never know what you will get from year to year. Rather than developing a clear, focused academic strategy, the administration churns through teachers, hoping the next hire will be adequate.
I love the Idyllwild arts Academy. It has helped me improve my art and connect with other people like me. It had been the best year of my life so far.
i love it but its really intense
In the beggining of the school year I would complain about the health center because they don't really offer you good medication unless it is something you have to take through out the year, meaning that if you get a cold they recommend you more "organic" solutions. Now I see that it is better off like this. I used to take a pain killer for everything that hurt but now I see that it could be dehydration, for example. I feel very safe and protected, specially being a boarding student. Dorm parents are amazing, prefects make you feel secure and are very lovely. Very amazing experience overall.
It is an arts high school so the extracurricular arts are it's strength
IAA is the best place. Different people, from more than 30 different countries, being able to chose between 7 different majors... It is amazing. I wish I was a freshman.
I've changed schools a lot through out my high school life regard to moving a lot. Idyllwild has, by far, the best and most friendly teacher I have ever met. I don't know much about the Science and Math teachers, but the Humanities department is THE BEST it could ever be. I am incredibly happy with my teachers in here. I am not even get into my arts teachers... I am having the time of my life. I absolutely LOVE Idyllwild Arts
Pretty safe. I know of a few incidents of sexual abuse and administration has not handled these incidents well.
Okay, I'm involved in several clubs. Some clubs lack a purpose and don't do anything.
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Overall, it is a good school. Stronger academics than most arts high school. Very open and concept based curriculums. Humanities teachers are very good! You can choose to take easier classes or you can challenge yourself with honors classes in most subjects. I would say the science department is the weakest.

Arts departments are varied. Dance and theatre are very time consuming and rigorous. Other majors are not as stressful. You have to push yourself to really succeed and get the most out of your education. A lot have changes in faculty has happened the last two years. There are new department heads for theatre, music, inter arts, and film. Theatre has had the hardest time adjusting to the new head. The MT program is not very good anymore and the program emphasizes classical theatre now.

There is a very unbalanced female/male ratio at the school in general. This gives boy advantages for casting in dance and theatre but disadvantages girls. There are not very many attractive straight boys and most of them feel entitled. The hookup culture is a big deal but leads to lots of jealousy and gossip.

Plenty of students smoke/ drink.

Asian students are very divided from the rest of the school.

There are plenty of fun field trips to museums, concerts, plays, shopping, the beach, skiing, and ,theme parks in cities like Los Angeles and San Diego.

Students are very friendly for the most part and very accepting. It is a very liberal campus and you will rarely meet someone who is conservative. Students are unique, hipsters, and very talanted.

Overall I am glad I attended Idyllwild and would recommend it.
Academic teachers are very good, especially teachers in the humanities. Some arts teachers are wonderful but the arts departments have undergone major changes in the past two years and some have had a harder time adjusting. (Theatre chair)
The Health Center sucks. They have pricked me the wrong way with a blood sugar checker.