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I love that all of the teachers want to help you and see you go somewhere when you graduate. I don’t like that no one focuses on the ACT the ACT is a very big part in applying to colleges.
My experience at Ider High School has been really great. I couldn't have asked for better teachers to teach me throughout my schooling there. The campus is great just wish to see a new softball field and new gym there. Also we could have a better place to park our cars instead of gravel we should have paved and lined off area with numbers for our parking permit that we buy. Our administration is excellent and have really cracked down on the rules. I feel that our school has a great environment for students, teachers, and parents. Our sport programs are great the coaches are all excellent and are very talented as well and deserve a lot of credit for putting up with teens that are disrespectful and that have attitude problems. I play softball at Ider and I love the softball program. The parents are very involved in the diamond back club and with us in softball. We have a winning record for a long time and been to state two years.
I am very accepted here. Everybody is nicer than most schools. The teachers will help you if you need help.
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Ider School is in a small rural area. Everyone pretty much knows everyone and that's okay. My experience at Ider school was good; I especially appreciate the guidance counselor.
Ider offers a great education with friendly staff. We have some of the highest scores in the county. As a school, we do need to learn more about technological advances.
Ider High School has always been good to me! Never had any major problems! I love the teachers! The school is clean! One thing I don't like is school lunches! I barely like any of the school lunches!
I enjoy the friendliness of the teachers in Ider High School. Although the teachers are very friendly, I believe the teaching of the curriculum needs to met more in my years to come.
We moved up here from Florida.And I thank Its a great school both of my boys love and very much joy of attending this school! And we are diffanly looking foward for another great year.thank you.
I appreciated the staff and how much they care. I would like to see the bullying stop and maybe a way for our school to up their money for a new gym because we have had this one for 25+ years.
As a current college student that is doing very well, I would say that Ider High School has done an excellent job preparing me for college.
In any situation we have a plan.
There could be better opportunities.
The education is not as good as it should be.
They are hardworking and dedicated to our education.
This school has its highs and lows. The academics are satisfactory. The counseling is not up to par. There have been times when students have not recieved the amount of attention needed to recieve scholarships. The lunch is okay. The food is not the best but it helps the students stay healthy. Overall, this school is okay.
I have made many friends and unbreakable bonds.
The safety policies at this school are okay but can be improved.
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The cafeteria has a variety of foods but they are quality.
The faculty at Ider are very professional and care a lot about their jobs.
The teachers are friendly and polite but sometimes it is difficult to understand their examples.
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