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The school culture is very important and well-known, but not enforced as much as it should be. This school has a fairly small population in a fairly small space, and everyone knows everyone, which is both a good thing (connecting anand collaborating with others) and a bad thing once gossip starts spreading like wildfire. There are plenty of opportunities to incorporate personal interests and skill learning into your curriculum and after school.
Very open and inviting. Gave me great advice as to help in moving onto college.I very much enjoyed the supportiveness of the teachers and staff. There is no way I would be where I am today without the help I dot from my mentors and advisors.
I have been in project-based learning schools ever since I was in 2nd Grade. IDEAS Academy really strives to prepare their students for college. We do thinking routines over practically everything, and projects replace tests almost always. Tests still exist when needed, but it is mostly projects. The diversity at this school is uncanny, everyone mixes together very well. The teachers always help, and they always want to make sure that the students are doing okay. I have many teachers that I trust, and I know I can go to for help. The main problem that people have with this school is that instead of having gym class, we have IDEAS Block. We do not have a sports team, but students interested in being in sports often go to the other public schools in our area. Even though we don't have gym, people in this school benefit greatly from IDEAS Block.
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IDEAS Academy is a school were our community is focus on and built on. Everyone is welcome and everyone feels like they have another home. IDEAS Academy is a school that has helped me to succeed in life and has amazing teachers that actually cares about you/me as a person. We also don't take many test because we believe in making projects to show what we have learned.
I went to IDEAS for three years, it's incredibly hard not to make at least one friend, the community is open and accepting; for every one person that is problematic there are three people that will stand up for you. The school is highly student involved and is constantly evolving to improve upon itself. The semester long projects are fun to do and to watch; students choose a topic, research it, and create artistic representations from any art form.
IDEAS Academy is an art school. They have music, art, dance, and theater. The reason why I went to this school was because I love dancing. I was suck between going to school with my friends or strengthen my dancing skills. Of course, I choose dance. I didn't regret my choice once and I was so glad about my choice. This was probably one of the best choices I made in my life so far. The teachers are very understanding and students that went there were so friendly and open. I had no friends to start with but that wasn't even an obstacle because of how friendly the people were. I loved how the college readiness was set at this school. I knew a lot more about college then my friends that went to any of the other high schools. The classes set in this school are also related to art and creativity. Overall, I would recommend this school to everyone if they love creativity. IDEAS Academy is such a wonderful school that lets students experience their creative side.
IDEAS Academy take great strides to prepare it's students for life outside of school walls. Because of this, I not only have the resume and essay skills for college, but I have the professionalism and time management skills for the rest of my life.
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