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IDEA Quest College Preparatory Reviews

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Teachers are so strict. Food is terrible but hey, it’s free food. You can do practically nothing and scrape by or apply yourself and be a bit higher. Every kid here is so stressed. Elementary teachers are SO strict, kids will pee themselves cause they can’t go to the restroom.
i love my school so much and realized that they provided everything for me in order to be successful.
Idea Quest College Preparatory is an excellent school. They prepare you for college through rigorous courses, but also provide you with wonderful support through councilors and teachers who care about their students success. The atmosphere for the students is welcoming and accepting for the most part. Overall, a great school for students who want to challenge themselves and receive the most support when choosing and applying to colleges.
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I liked the overall school, the teachers can be very demanding and can seem that they are trying to over work you they are probably are, but if you just push trough you can excel.
As an alumni looking back, IDEA created an academic environment for me that allowed me to thrive. The teachers push you and make sure you achieve each and every goal.
Idea Quest was personally one of the best education I could ever receive. As a transfer student from a public school to Idea quest (charter school) I believe my transition was significant since I did not know any English before arriving to Idea Quest niether I had no idea of what exactly was the purpose of going to college. During my first year of study in Idea Quest my teachers were always attentive and caring so I can learn English and be prepared to go to college. I strongly believe that if I would not have known Idea quest before I would not have had the opportunity of studying at the university of my dreams and of course learn English. Today as an Idea Quest alumni, I am a junior in my bachelor degree, I speak English fluently, I study abroad in Czech Re public, and I am the first generation from my family to attend college.
It's an amazing school, but it all depends on how involved you get. The more you do, the more clubs and sports your involved, the more you fall in love with the school.
I started at IDEA Quest College Preparatory as a 2nd grader, so you could say that I was raised in this school. I grew up under the same administration, saw a couple of principles and teachers come and go, witnessed different rules and regulations, but what stayed constant was the dedication of the staff to educating students. Throughout my elementary, middle and high school career, I was fortunate to have been taught by the hard working, genuine teachers and administrators of Quest. Though I never always agreed with their stringent uniform codes and excessive classroom expectations, prioritizing education was always inherent. For this, I appreciate IDEA Quest College Preparatory and am thankful for investing in my education.
I've been in idea for about 13 years, this school makes sure that all students don't get left behind. Students are a hundred percent ready for college, the school makes us take college ready classes, to prepare us for college classes.
Idea Quest was a very wonderful school that help be college ready when i graduated. The teachers all stick to the core values that isea set abd help us to get here and graduate highschool and become excellent college student. The school felt diverse for each student and safe for kids to learn and be welll and learn a lot. That also created a bond between classmates and teachers through the year of highschool.
I have been a student at Idea Quet College Preparatory since i was in kindergarten. I am now a sophomore in high school and i can confidently say that my school prepares me for college and the real world outside of high school. Our core classes are advanced a year, and we have a class solely to educate us on college life and academics, helping us choose and narrow down schools for our senior year.
I have been a student at Idea Quest ever since sixth grade and I have made lasting memories here. Although we may not be the largest school in the area, we are the best when it comes to academics. The teachers here at Quest are driven to make all of their students successful in their classes and provide their students resources to excel in the class. Although I love this aspect of Quest, the school lacks after school clubs and a diversity of sports. There aren't that many sports teams here besides basketball, soccer, and baseball. Despite this, we are a continuously growing school that is expanding our clubs, athletics, and electives options for future students. In the future, I will look back to my high school days and be satisfied that I attended Idea Quest.
It's my little sisters first year going to IDEA Quest. In my opinion it's a great school, moreover, I always see her come home with a smile. The only problem is when there is homework involved ,things get complicated. In spite of that everything comes out good. Would recommend it.
It was the most four amazing years of my life. Sure, homework can be sometimes a big weight on you but as long as you keep up with it and not fall behind, you'll be fine. Teachers are very caring of us, the students, and always try their best so we can do better. The lunch is terrible though, but when you haven't for five hours by the time you go to lunch it taste like heaven. Everybody gets to know each other and get very close with our classmates. Our school staff is amazing at keeping the school in control but the uniform policy is too strict.
I was bullied in middle school for focusing on furthering my education rather than playing sports, like my peers in public school. IDEA Quest College Prep saved me and has given me the opportunity to go to college and pursue an education in whatever field of study I desire.
When I first came to this school back in fourth grade, I was nervous and not sure that I wanted to stay here. Being a senior, I am glad that I stayed at this school because the academics, culture, and family like environment is like no other. The teachers and people at this school have pushed me to do things that I would not have seen myself doing. I have never felt unsafe, disturbed, or left behind at this school. College prep is in the name of the school and I feel that the people here are working to it’s name. I am college ready.
I've been coming to this school for 6 years now and it really has become my second home. Since 7th grade, I've known my teachers and had a relationship with them like if they were my own aunts and uncles. The school is small so everybody knows each other and no bullying happens, we're team and family so we got each other's backs. We're mostly focused on academics and preparing for college but we have sports as well, many of our teams hold district titles. It's really beneficial to come here for high school because starting day one of freshman year the counselors work to prepare you to get to and through college.
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In IDEA Quest College Prep, the teachers help you throughout your high school career. They push you to get the highest grades possible and graduate from a college and university.
Idea Quest College Prep has been my home for almost 4 years now. I have made extraordinary memories here with my friends, parents, teacher, and counselors. Here at Idea we have 3 core rules. Sweat the Small stuff, Whatever it Takes, and Closing the Achievement gap. These rules have become the reason why I have made and am still making so many amazing memories. They have made me become close to friends because of study groups, have a close relationship with the counselors, and made me understand my parent's advice.I love Idea Quest! Once a Blazer always a Blazer.
It is an excellent institution, it definitely addresses the ''Team and Family'' phrase, the never let you give up and they (teachers and students) care about you and are always willing to help you.
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