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What I love about this school is that they push you to college. I got use to knowing that everyone in my school is going to college, so when I meet someone new. The first thing I ask is what college are u in or going to? And this school made it a habit
I never see any of these things happen really.
This school compared to the other IDEA schools, is the worst. It need to be upgraded.
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This school is alright, but the workload can just be over bearing. The stress levels are too high for the price, we never get a break because theres always 5 tests every week, and so much homework on the week end. Theres never time for us.
Some teachers put a bigger work load while others don't teach at all.
I just got very sick because of my stress levels, and Im stressing out about all of the work I missed. Theres never a break.
There is no soccer field, cross country and track run on streets, the weight room is full of used, half ruined equipment in a portable, its horrible.
There are hardly any clubs, and the ones that are clubs have no funds, thus its hard to manage with a budget.
Idea Quest College Prep does pass over many things that happen daily just so they can have a "clean record".
Made a lot of life-long friends.
All teachers are very involved in academic success.
Our school has occasional pep rallies but the overall school spirit is practically non existent.
Overall, the teachers are there for the students at all times
The overall experience at this school was great. It was definitely the people that go here that made the school a better place
The school has very little funds to work with
The administration can crack down on drug problems and out-of uniform students
Everyone is accepting (most of the time). There are many cliques but they are not intimidating or hard to approach.
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The school works well with the amount of resources it has
The food is okay, I think it could be better
There are not many athletic facilities
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