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IDEA McAllen College Preparatory Reviews

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What I like about IDEA is the dedication the whole school has towards each and every one of the students to study and get in the college of their choice. The teachers push us and imply the rules on us every day while still motivating and letting us have fun while getting us educated.
The school is all about looking good on data. Good luck with critical thinking (the most important part about college). Their students tend to do poorly in college for this reason. They curve student grades and have a bad turnover rate for teachers (they had at least 4 teachers quit mid-year in 2017-2018). Joan Alvarez' plan is to make his efforts look good on paper.
IDEA McAllen is a campus that has formed a culture like no other. The principal, Joan Alvarez knows what it’s like to make it to college and has enstilled that same drive in his students from a young age. This campus never fails to outperform academically. However, with every great effort is a great sacrifice—it’s student body culture and spirit. With all these expectations and heavy responsibilities of a college prep. student it leaves very little room for student involvement throught the campus. This was a very major problem to me as a student and even as a Senior. The administration’s presence feels overwhelming and at times unreasonable with subtle aspects of a high school such as lunch, transitions between classes, and class registration. Do not let the cons discourage you if academics are a top priority, nevertheless keep in mind what is written above, both positive and negative. I hope you can find my insight useful.
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I really appreciate how focus our school administration in in sending all of us to college and how the teachers truly care their students. Additionally, the school administrations is truly involved in their job and work hard to ensure that we have the best resources possible and that we take the best courses we can take. Moreover, the Idea culture is always present and we are always reminded that we represent our school wherever we go, therefore, we need to be on our best behavior and be kind towards others at all times. We really feel like a family. However, while the administration cares about their students, they seem to put too much importance in titles and awards which leads them to put too much pressure in both students and teachers.
It was a very difficult process going through the rigor courses. IDEA really pushes students to achieve their highest potential. This school district strives for each student to apply and graduate from college.
What I really enjoy about IDEA McAllen is that the school and the teachers have shown through their hard work and actions that they really do care about the students. I appreciate the fact on how they are offering us so many resources for us to be ready for college and be preparing for us for what we may have to experience in college. What I would like to change is to not allow teachers to assign homework to the students on Wednesdays because it is usually the day where religious students (mostlly Christian or Catholic) would have to take religious classes or CCDs or to be prepared in receiving the sacraments.
A well rounded school dedicated to improve student’s educations and futures in college. Pushes students to do their best and provides very good college preparation
I really enjoy seeing a great group of people every morning engaged to learn. Seeing my school grow every year, as a founding student i hope for a great tradition ahead for other students to continue after my founding class graduates and a 100 percent of us attend a university or college of our choice.
This is the type of school where they are truly there for you and they wanna know if you're fitting in and how you're feeling. You're never alone in a school district like this one and they truly treat you like a team and family should. They keep up with your performance in the class and cheek to see if you need any extra forms of guidance.
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