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The education here at Idea Frontier College Preparatory is very challenging. They offer the best of academics such as, Advanced Placement classes and International Baccalaureate curriculum. This allows the students to have a more advanced education not just in school but around the world.
IDEA Frontier is a challenging school for students that are willing to be fully focused on their goals. This means that they are willing to get rid of their social life that they might have. This school is perfect to set up students for college, since it makes you acquire important skills such as public speaking and time management. Moreover, being only concentrated in school and having a life only for school, does affect the way we react to certain life situations because we are spending so much time at school that we do not know about the world outside. There is a fair amount of clubs at school, however, there is no balance in homework and this is one of the main reasons why not a lot of students have time to stay after school and manage to get home early, do homework and still get the appropriate amount of sleep.
IDEA Frontier is such an amazing school and it has helped me develop all my skills, from social to professional ones. I would like that IDEA could change the communication level that administrators have with us, as students, since they do not see what we actually worry about and struggle with.
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I have been a part of Idea Frontier for many years and have gone through all the changes. What I enjoy most from this school are the teachers, because they are always willing to help their students in any way they can. What needs improvement are the clubs and activities, until my senior year I wasn’t able to join clubs because there were hardly any, and I believe a school should have many clubs because it is where students connect and socialize, while making an impact.
What I like about Idea Frontier is the fact that all teachers are very helpful and they really do care about what we seek to achieve in life and want us to be successful not only in their class but in the future as well. There is also a lot of school spirit and it is very well expressed in events; we all are very supportive of each other. What would need a change would be better organization in what goes on at school like for materials.
I like that in Idea Frontier the school actually tries to invest itself with providing information for students about college because I am pretty sure that without their help a lot of the students would be lost and also how they are slowly trying to create unique places around the school. On the contrary there are some things that I would change, breakfast mainly since a child is not going to feel full from a gingerbread man or a muffin till 1 pm, larger quantities.
IDEA in general always prepares its students for college. The teachers are always more than willing to help a student out, they care for us. We are one big family. Although high school is very tough, our teachers help us in every way they can, in and beyond the classroom.
IDEA Frontier College Preparatory is good school, although sometimes I felt otherwise due to the rigorous curriculum . The classes I took not only helped me meet educational needs, I also obtained time knowledge skills that will better prepare my future demands. These demands include time management and responsibilities to help me better prepare for future challenges. It may sound like a cliche, but I wouldn't change anything about my IDEA experience . That being said , perhaps a little bit more variety might be something that would add a different dimension to learning, similar to public school curriculums . The students would have exposure to a diverse learning experiences and that may or may not be something worth while.
The mission of IDEA Frontier is to prepare students for college in that essence the school makes an extraordinary job in doing so. The faculty is always eager to help and you never find yourself lost because there is always someone to ask for help. The academic program at IDEA is tedious and at times difficult but it teaches the students to get a sense of college will work which helped me a lot. One thing IDEA should change is the amount of independence that they give to students. As a student I relied too much on my teachers and faculty but never relied on myself to answer a question or try to figure it out on my own.
I love that Idea really wants to prepare us for college and push us over our limits to the point where I, myself, have found new boundaries I could reach. Idea Frontier is family oriented like my class of 2020 we are a very tight little family who always got each others back. The only thing I wish though is I want more clubs and after school activities. My school kinda lacks at it because no one will sponsor. And we need to show appreciation for our sport teams when they win. Idea is a ghost when it comes to the need for more actives and opportunities for students looking to join something. And the thing is when we do have UIL for some reason they lack to notify students. And by the time they want to sign up it's too late. And for me,a junior. Suffering from anxiety has trouble speaking up about this. I really want to join and be a part of something but it's hard when there really isn't anything to do.
At IDEA Frontier College Prepatory, the school staff are very friendly and easy to talk to. Each teacher will always guide a student when they are falling behind. The students there are always helping one another and will look out for one another when they are struggling in class.
I loved how rigorous the content was. I feel I was genuinely prepared for collage. The teachers were ivy league grads and were young, so they were relatable, which made learning from them a lot easier.
I've been at IDEA since 6th grade and every year was different. High school was extremely difficult and I was part of the second class to take IB. Although the school was better prepared, it was extremely stressful and I often got sick from the stress. Some of the subjects are not difficult but the workload is huge. Overall, it does what it says and gets you ready for the stress that college brings.
I had an amazing experience in my high school by having the help that I need. Administration in this school never says no to low income students eager to learn and have a bright future. If one as a student does not have enough requirements met to go to college, then you will be offered an infinite amount of resources by your teacher to increase your test scores and grades. Teachers on this campus, make sure every single student is learning and on track to college. Since we have small classes compared to the district schools, we have more attention from our teachers and counselors. Finally, IDEA can probably improve in the amount of tasks or homework given to students. They can improve this by coming to an agreement with a decent amount of work.
Middle school at IDEA Frontier was quite the experience. We received a lot of help when needed, so that when we entered high school, we were fully aware of the opportunities available for us. The jump from middle school to high school was not too bad since the teachers really helped us through.
I like that they really push us to work hard because as a future college student we know it is going to be hard. For juniors and seniors we have the IB program which is very rigorous but we still manage to get through it even if we have to take medication to stay awake at night because of all the homework. I like that we can feel safe because we have people always watching over us. We have very well trained teachers that care about our education, so they make us do work even though we do not want to .
I have been in this school since I was in kindergarten and I have seen it develop over the years. It has turned out amazing and I am feeling confident about going to college. This school really helps their students reach their dreams. Even though students do not see this, there is a lot of us who like the school, know what is really the end result of our lives. I love the fact that all of administration and all the students are there to help one another.
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Here in IDEA Frontier , we put 100% every day not only inside the classroom but outside as well. Our academics are the most preeminent throughout south Texas, our mission being that everyone in the senior class not only graduate but get accepted into a four year university . In IDEA frontier , academics plays a key role , which also explains why there are not so many sports on campus , which is why all our teachers have a 4 year degree in a university . As a IDEA student , throughout my experience , IDEA has helped me prepare for college through their International Baccalaureate program . Although IDEA is lacking in clubs and sports , they make up with interesting experiences such as our out of state field lessons to universities . Above all my experience in IDEA has had a positive impact on me and how I view college .
Although IDEA's priority is to send 100% of its students to college and the rigor is intense, administration lacks. The implementation of the IB program was very unorganized and uncoordinated.
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