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Idea Edinburg College Preparatory Reviews

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I have been at Idea Edinburg since 6th grade and i have found it be a pleasant surprise because previously i was attending a public elementary school and i have felt that the transition has helped me become prepared for my college future.
In this school, they prepare for college and they make us take AP course which are very beneficial to students.
Idea College Prep Edinburg is a good school if you want help in order to go to college the teachers and counselors all push you to do your best
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A school tat cares for each students individual needs and sets up every student for success. The school starts at PK and ends in senior year as you are with the same people throughout your entire career as a student. While the school is on the lower end of the spectrum when it comes to sports, they strongly value academics and a students future in college.
What I like about IDEA Edinburg is that everybody supports each other unconditionally. At IDEA Edinburg there is opportunities for everyone and their diverse interests.
Great school with amazing opportunities. This is one of the most amazing schools in the state. It has offered many opportunities to the students. They are very helpful during the application process. It is definitely a school to place your children in.
Excellent School with high standards but also provides many opportunities you would not find elsewhere
Upon transitioning to Idea my eighth grade year I can certainly say that i noticed a difference compared to my previous schools. Entering idea one of the things i noticed and currently still do is that everyone is accepting towards everyone. Not once is anyone left out in any situation, whether facing problems with school or personal reasons someone is always there for you. This has allowed me and others as well to grow a true loving and loyal friendship each other and with the teachers. One major thing I'd love to point out is Idea has an excellent team of administers, teachers, and counselors who definitely reach out and help students achieve success towards going to college. They help students grow not only academically but spiritually as well motivating us to attend school and prepare us for the future. One thing i know for sure about Idea is that we're all a family and I wouldn't change it for any other.
Idea is such a great school, especially if you are not very comfortable around big crowds or a big amount of people. Not only does this school care for their students, but they will also do anything for them. The teachers and staff always makes sure that no one is left behind. I would not change anything about Idea Edinburg because they have got me to where I am today.
What I liked about this campus is how caring the counselors are. They make sure that every student gets at least 9 college applications done. They keep up with students making sure that they are passing their classes. What I disliked about this campus is that we didn't have a gym or cafeteria of our own. We needed to use Boys&Girls club gym/cafeteria so all grades can eat, and every sport such as basketball and volleyball had a place to practice and play their district games.
Being a student here for several years, I've enjoyed many moments when it came to our field lessons but I do wish that we had more clubs. Because we're in an area that doesn't receive much, we focus on our academics, sending all students to college and ensuring they complete it.
I have been attending IDEA Edinburg College Preparatory since middle school in August 2012 and I will graduate as a senior in high school in June 1, 2019. Ever since its foundation in 2011, IDEA Edinburg welcomed new opportunities for educational growth in Edinburg, Texas by introducing grade levels from 6th to12th grade. Something that I will always love about IDEA Edinburg is the strong support that teachers and staff give to students with their education through assignments and tutoring sessions for additional instruction that ensures all students pass their classes. On the other hand, something that I would love to see in IDEA Edinburg's future is an opportunity for future senior graduating classes to reunite with each other at the campus and discuss their lives after high school graduation as a way to represent the everlasting unity that exists between students and success that they have achieved through the path that IDEA Edinburg gifted them.
Its a nice school that pushes you to do your best. The counselors are always so supportive and help you all the way through the college application process. Many student led activities though are under funded and given little to no attention by administration. Students, many times, want to start a club however are ignored by admin.
what I like about Idea is that teachers and student work together as team and family in order to finish things and move on. The teachers and staff encourage us to do the best we can.
i was able go trough AP courses to try to get college credits and was able to receive face to face tutoring and other types of helps.
All the counselors and teachers are here to assist their students with whatever they needed assistance with.
The faculty and staff are extremely passionate and well versed in what they teach/emphasize. Students also are encouraged to become involved in school spirit and there are events often to do so.
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I've been attending this school since 7th grade year. The school is small so all the students and faculty get along and know each other. Everyone can rely on someone and no one is put to the side for anyone else. I feel very connected to my class of 2019 and the classes higher and lower me.
My experience at IDEA Edinburg was the best. I honestly can't imagine myself being at any other high school. To be the second graduating class of IDEA Edinburg is such a thrill.
I haven't enjoyed the school because I find it very boring in my opinion. They try too hard to make it like a "normal" high school, but when it comes to education, I don't think it's bad. I think the teachers are very helpful and it's easy to communicate with them. The school ahs sports and a few clubs. The schools real focus is on getting everyone to college and I think that is something that I've liked about the school.
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