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Idea Edinburg College Preparatory Reviews

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I love the fact that teachers put in the effort to push you to overcome whatever you are having problems with. They will guide you through and help you. Idea's school is really clean and is a pretty school.
IDEA is a great school that provides students with resources,.motivation, and the learning experience to reach their college goal. Finances, academics, nor any other obstacles is an excuse to not go to college. Teachers, counselors, and students work together to reach their dreams. 100% of students, no matter what, go to college. Students are helped in their application process. Teachers are also available for help, even after school and working hours. IDEA has great values and is a great school to help students on their journey to college.
It is a great school because you will learn a lot and get smarter and you can also be ready for college and you get a chance to get to go to college.
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I think that Idea College Prep Edinburg does live up to its name because I feel that it has prepared me for college. There is a lot of support given to the students. The only thing that would be negative about this school is that the some of the teachers are very qualified for their job. However this is a new school so the teachers are also new teachers and maybe later they will learn how to better teach throughout the years.
At Idea Edinburg, all teachers and staff make sure that it is their first priority to ensure a great future and be successful. We all help out each other when one needs it, like our motto says, were "team and family". The enviroment at this school is peaceful, and makes you feel close to everyone due its class size and campus size. Overall, i have really enjoyed attending this school and would definately recommend it to anyone.
What I like about my school is that they really prepare you for college. They make sure we apply and do everything we need.For example, they make sure we take the ACT and if we don't do well in it then we have to take it again and again to improve.My school also makes sure that we take AP classes to get college credit. This worked for me because I already got a college credit.
Many kids during lunch start fighting for no reason. Teachers are terrible, some students have to slow down to learn.
I have been here for 6 years and I am the founding class of 2018. My experience is different every year. One year there will be a set of really good teachers, that only last for that year, and sometimes they'll just be a set of bad teachers, who stay. There are always new teachers every year. Since our teachers don't require a teaching degree, so this school hires pretty much anyone. Class wise we usually get stuff done, despite the teachers getting distracted. The lunch food is really bad, food is usually frozen. This school says we are "college ready" when they don't let us sit outside of the patio for lunch, or at least give us a little freedom. Next year I am going to be a senior, the first year that we are finally going to get electives. So in my perspective, my class didn't get opportunities that others are getting.
Idea Edinburgh has been my school for 5 years and it has proven to be a challenge that can guarantee their students are ready for the college curriculum. This school has opened new opportunities for me, most of which I wouldn't have available at a regular public school.
Idea Edinburg is a great school with great teachers and staff, in which will prepare students for their preferred college or university they wish to attend.
It really made a big change in my life in a positive aspect because it changed the way I would see the world and it would be because of the education they gave me.
My experience at IDEA is great. The teachers care for you and do everything they can to help you to understand the concept and pass the class.
Teachers don't really care of what the students do and expect too much from them and expect them to know the material when introduced instead of taking time and processing the material.
This school is very eager to help all students get to college and be prepared the best they can be for any 4 year college or university of their choice to get the individual to and through college. I have been attending IDEA since kindergarten and I would not prefer to be a part of any other school district than the one I am right now . I am going off to college in about a year and I feel more than ready and beyond prepared for college and my life as a young adult.
My overall experience with idea has been great. The teacher and administration are always there when you need some support whether it be academic or personal.
The teachers at Idea really care about the students and about getting them to college.They try their best to help the students be as prepared as possible in order to have a successful college career.The teachers expect so much from each student,but that is because they know that they all have the potential to do anything we want.Even though the school isn't as big as many of the other local schools,it has still been able to stand out in various academic and extra-curricular activities.The schools facilities are still growing since it is still a couple of years old but that has not stopped the students and teachers from standing out from the rest of the local schools.There isn't much diversity around the school,but this might be do to the school being in a predominantly hispanic part of Texas.Any problem that the school encounters is taken care of diligently and efficiently.
i like how the teachers really help students a lot and will always do there best for us, they always put in work and never give up on us students
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since I arrived here at Idea my 9th grade year i was really nervous because i knew no one. Not even people that moved from my previous school; i didn't talk to them. As the sports where coming in , i joined :soccer and power lifting. I've met some awesome friends now and i really enjoy having them by my side. this college prep has an expectation which is that at this college prep all students will graduate 100%. something i would change about our school is to add more building to make more space for our students
The school itself is very academically focused but they do have many extracurricular activities. The teachers are nice and strict but loose at the same time. The only problem i have is that some of the faculty staff seem to not care about us but it isn't a big deal. Overall, this is a good highschool and if i could i would go again.
This school is great, they offer good things and help you achieve your goal in applying to colleges. The teachers here are good and teach you well.
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