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I went to IDEA Weslaco College Prep since 6th grade, so I can say I really got to know IDEA's culture and expectations. Many things have changes since 6th grade, no doubt about that. I can say that we are still kind of figuring out the best way to do things and all the programs we have. Although a lot of things changed over the years; including rules, administration, and views, I can say I grew to love our IDEA culture and family. We all act as a family and team. All the teachers, although change almost every two years, have a passion for the students and made us feel like we matter. And that is the best kind of teacher one can have.
What I like about IDEA College Prep Weslaco is that every teacher focuses on helping students reach their goals. One thing I would like to see change is that the school provides more communication between parents.
As a student here, I feel safe. As a kid, I feel like I should probably stop slacking off and finish my homework yet I don't want to. This school is pretty good all around, the worst part is probably the fact that kids are mostly dumb. Like maybe 5-10% of us I can surely say will make it in this world. That seems small, but sadly that's higher than I can say for many public schools where kids hardly get a good education, hardly get any help, and deal with bad conditions of all sorts every day.
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AT IDEA Weslaco every single single senior is required to apply to a 4 year college or university and will go to and through it.
In my opinion, IDEA Weslaco is very organized and functional. The faculty and administration make sure the students are on track for college. Students are required to take AP level classes that increase their chances to receive college credit. Although this is a very good thing, there are still some ways the school can improve. A few ways are by making the school larger since it does include all grade levels from elementary, middle school, and high school. The resources are not always the best because middle school has its classes outside in portables. Also, sports and activities are not as encouraging as they should be. The amount of students participating are few.
my experience at idea weslaco college prep was overall better than regular public school. The college councilors make sure your high school experience is the best possible. If I could change something about this school it would be the addition of IB classes.
Very demanding curriculum. School gets you ready for college. Close knit environment with very personalized teaching. School values keeps you focused and parents are required to be involved in students learning experience.
What I liked most about Idea College Prep Weslaco was that they strive for excellence. The Staff is always pushing the students to do their best and never give up. Idea Weslaco makes sure 100% of their students goes to and through college with the help from the college counselors. What this school can change is making sure that the staff is a little more stable.
Idea College Prep Weslaco is a great school for college readiness with teachers that care to see you go to college. Idea has every student go to college and makes this their goal. Diversity is average as well as resources but this does need improvement. Other improvements would be an addition of more courses for different career choices.
I liked how they pushed us and did everything they could to get us all into college. The teachers worked hard to make sure we understood the content that was being provided to us. The teachers took every student into consideration and treated them equally. The content and requirements were difficult but it is going to make college easier. "College was easier than IDEA" said one IDEA graduate and I believe that.
In this school, I was able to learn strategies that will assist me for college. I was also given so many opportunities to earn college credit because they offered so many AP classes. The AP teachers really supported the students to reach their full potential.
In IDEA Weslaco the education is meant for students like me to have a higher chance of going to college. Their everyday goal is to not only make sure that students understand the content but to also have hope in being able to get accepted to a college beneficial to them or their dream school. When I was first introduced to IDEA my thoughts were that it was going to be the same as it is with other public schools. However, my perspectives soon changed due to the fact that here teachers and students cared about what they learned. In most schools, one would expect that students only did what they wanted and teachers not doing something about it. IDEA believes that every student has the potential to have a bright future giving them the hope in that becoming someone in life is possible.
The communication between teachers and students is very poor. The academics are hardly any better; the classes are seldom engaging, and the school hardly takes responsibility for its wrongdoings. Definitely disappointing.
What I enjoyed about Idea College Prep- Weslaco was how the teacher's and staff pushed students to work hard and achieve their dreams. With the help of counselors and teachers, students are able to understand how to get into college along with being guaranteed a college acceptance.
My experience at Idea College Prep Weslaco has been an amazing experience. The teachers are incredible and very well organized. The students are very well behaved and taught. As well as being respectful to students and adults. The administration is very polite to visitors.
The culture at Idea Weslaco College Prep is like no other. We strive to be the best and succeed in doing so, our hard work shows and being part of the very first ever graduating class means so much.
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Since I have been there since the school has started when have gone through multiple administration, yet we still have a lot of founding students. Over the years we have learned stick together as a family unit. As the first graduating class from this school, it is with great pleasure to graduate from such a fine school.
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