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IDEA College Prep - San Juan Reviews

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IDEA College Prep San Juan is a wonderful educational establishment full of great and amazing teachers that push their students to their fullest potential.My experience at this school was nothing but amazing, their goal of 100% students attending college is something that gave me peace of mind. Knowing that they will get me ready and give me all the tools necessary to succeed in college. The college councilors are super helpful and guide you every step of the way in the college application process and the scholarship application process. Overall IDEA College Prep San Juan is a school that prides itself on its core values of Team and Family as well as 100% every day.
What I love about IDEA College Prep San Juan is that you have teachers and people who'll love and help everyone no matter who you are or where you came from. What I want to change about the school is the food and how they need to be less strict with the uniforms.
I've been in this school since 6th grade. There has been many changes throught my years being enrolled as a student. Since the 1st day you step in the building you feel welcomed and the positive energy from everyone.
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I attended IDEA College Prep-San Juan for 6 years, and I can say over all my experience in this school was pretty good. At the time I didn't worry about the same thing my parents did. My mother’s main concern was my safety and education. Safety is one thing I can agree they deserve an A+ for. As for my education, I can say what they provided was definitely at a higher level than most public schools. Over all I had alot great years in this school , and understand now why this school seemed evidently superior in my parents eyes.
The IDEA district was created on the idea to give under represented minorities the opportunity to increase their living conditions by pushing them to pursue a higher education. I strongly believe that the IDEA family, specially in IDEA San Juan does a great job accomplishing this mission. In comparison with regular public schools in South Texas, students are exposed to college preparation since elementary school. Not enrolling in college is not an option as an IDEA student. Moreover, no matter what student it is, teachers continue to push through in order to achieve the mission previously described, and the atmosphere they create in campus allows students to believe in themselves.
Coming to this school was honestly the best decision I ever made. I was accepted to so many colleges and universities and while attending here, the school does live up to being college ready.
IDEA has given me a great experience regarding academics. I have had the amazing opportunities to learn so much. I feel very fortunate to have such educated and cultured teachers. If there was one thing I could change about my high school, it would be the sports department. It's understandable that my school is focused on preparing students to be college ready. However, the athletics lack a lot of investment from the school.
A difficult with difficult curriculum. This school has really aided me by providing me with all the resources necessary from AP classes to prepare me for college to counselor help to apply to college, this school really prides itself to be at the top.
Idea San Juan is a really dedicated school to get kids in a better position for following years but does not go on with the core values they have set the school upon leaving some students behind, and teachers being sometimes unfair to students whose learning is slow.
The teachers and administrators are very adamant about each and every one of their students success. They push their students to strive for better; better grades, better mindset, a better life.
IDEA College Prep San Juan is an excellent school. The teachers and administrators all care about our education. Their main goal is sending every student to college. It's no ordinary public school, we focus more on our education because knowledge is what will get us to a better future. What I would like to see change is get more councilors so there can be more help for all the students for colleges and helping them get ready.
IDES College Prep- San Juan is a small school and it feels like a community where everyone knows one another and the teachers and staff are always willing to lend a hand with tutoring, college advice, and the teachers are very dedicated. I love this school but I wish we had more funds for better food and progress in the athletic program.
The teachers provided all of the resources needed to pass AP exams or end of the year exams. They also made sure that every student understood what the topic of the day was. The teachers also pushed us to do the best we can on mock exams. The counselors were a huge help in applying for colleges and scholarships.
Outstanding teachers and staff. They highly prioritize education and genuinely care about the success of their students in and outside of school. Additionally, this school does a great job at preparing its students for college.
I like the college over all but id like it if there were more resources available and the library to be closer
Being a founding student at Idea San Juan I have really learned what it takes to be a responsible young adult and what it takes to be successful in college.
This School honestly prepared me for college. I used to be very disorganized but now I keep up with my meetings and homework in college. This school does prepare your child for college, teaching them time management and studying skills. I like how IDEA focused more on education, it really pushes students to go above and beyond, this will help them in college because the work load won't seem so bad. One change has to be the summer programs for students, give them more opportunities to take advance classes or a elective of their choice.
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i like that idea college prep san juan were about getting into college and push students to college.
IDEA College Prep is a challenging school with rigorous standards . One of the complaints however that I have about the school would be the limitations that students are presented with in their high school years. Although the school offers AP classes, there is not a variety of choices to pick from
My experience at IDEA College Prep-San Juan can be best described as tough. Yet, i wouldn't say it was necessarily bad because it has been getting us ready for college. That's the goal of this school and IDEA in general; that every student goes to college. It is no wonder it is tough yet in the end, as a senior that is about to graduate, it is the biggest reward,especially with the acceptance letters from universities i have kept receiving.
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